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Top 10 Posts of 2020

We’ve pulled the stats. Here are the 10 most popular posts of 2020:

Tools that Use Right-Click Magic

You’re used to clicking and double-clicking to take action in the software. Discover right-clicks and the tools (magic) behind them in Open Dental.

Lab Cases in Open Dental

Learn how setting up and using Lab Cases in Open Dental can help you monitor cases as they move through the process and provide visibility to labs attached to planned and scheduled appointments.

reportsOur Most Popular Reports, and Using Queries

No matter what data you’re tracking or measuring, Open Dental has a standard report or query that can help! Discover our most popular built-in reports, and get tips on using one of over 1,300 queries (and counting!). You might also want to check out Our Favorite User Queries.

The New Patient Checklist & Tools to Simplify the Process

The intake and data entry associated with a new patient can seem daunting. Get a checklist and tools to help you streamline the process.

Power Up Your Appointment Module

The Appointment Module is a critical part of managing patient flow and scheduling. Get the tools you need to power it up to its full potential.

User Favorite Open Dental Hacks

We love sharing tips & tricks with you! Check out our users’ favorite Open Dental hacks and the features they can’t live without.

Mastering the Treatment Plan

Learn about the common scenarios you’ll encounter when preparing a treatment plan and the recommended way to handle each situation in Open Dental.
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Teledentistry and Open Dental

Teledentistry may not have been part of your patient care before, but it is now an important part of offering diagnostic and follow-up care to your patients. This post provides resources and the setup steps needed in Open Dental to accommodate teledentistry.

Help as You Re-Open Your Practice

As you re-open your practice, learn about the tools in Open Dental to help screen your patients, fill your schedule, update your fees, and more.

Installing Open Dental on Additional Workstations in Your PracticeInstalling Open Dental

This post had everything you need to know to prepare for, install, and follow-up after installing Open Dental on additional workstations in your practice.
This has been our TOP POST for 3 straight years now! It is our privilege to support you as you expand your practice and add new employees (and workstations with Open Dental).

Thank you for another amazing year. We are honored that you’ve chosen Open Dental as your Dental Practice Management Software, and our entire team is here to support you to help you get the most out of all the tools in the software. Please reach out to us anytime!

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