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Tracking Actions with the Audit Trail

To be HIPAA-compliant, it is essential that each Open Dental user in your practice has their own login and password known only to them. Separate user accounts also facilitate tracking what actions were taken when, and by whom, using the various audit trails in Open Dental. In this post, we’ll discuss the various audit trails available in the software, and who is able to access and use them.

Audit Trails that all users can see

There are several audit trails located in different areas of Open Dental that can be accessed and viewed by any user.

Appointment Audit Trail

The Audit Trail button in the Edit Appointment window shows the history of changes for that specific appointment.

Procedure Code Audit Trail

The Audit Trail button in the Edit Procedure Code window (Lists, Procedure Codes, double-click to select the procedure) allows you to see the history of changes for that specific procedure code. If you want to see the history of fee changes on a specific code, this will show you that information.

Insurance Plan Subscriber Audit Trail

The Audit Trail button in the green-shaded Patient Information section of the Edit Insurance Plan window (in the Family Module, double-click to open the insurance plan) allows you to see the history of insurance plan changes for that subscriber.

Insurance Plan Audit Trail

The Audit Trail button in the Edit Insurance Plan window allows you to see the history of changes for that insurance plan.

Ortho Chart Audit Trail

The Audit Trail button in the Ortho Chart allows you to see the history of changes to rows in the Ortho Chart grid.

Audit Trails Only Visible to Select Users with Permission

The Comprehensive Audit Trail Tool

The comprehensive and powerful Audit Trail Tool allows users who have the Audit Trail Permission to view a wide variety of actions taken in the software. This can be extremely helpful in tracking down when an action was taken and by whom, so any questions about the action can be addressed. It can also help identify where additional training may be needed for a specific user.

In Setup > Security, set the User Group to have Audit Trail permissions. All users assigned to that group will be able to access and use the Audit Trail tool.

The Audit Trail Tool is located in Tools > Audit Trail. In the Audit Trail window, select a date range, permission, user, etc. then click Refresh. If a patient is selected when the Audit Trail is accessed, it will auto-filter to only show actions related to that patient. To undo that, click Find to select another patient, or click All to show the given activity for all patients.

Here is a list of the actions in Open Dental that are tracked by the Audit Trail.

PermissionAction taken
AccountingAccounting was accessed.
AccountingCreateAn Accounting entry was created.
AccountingEditAn Accounting entry was edited.
AccountModuleViewedThe Account module was accessed.
AddNewUserNew user added in User Edit.
AdjustmentCreateAn Adjustment was created.
AdjustmentEditAn Adjustment was edited.
AgingRanAging was run.
AppointmentCompleteEditA completed appointment was edited.
AppointmentCreateA new appointment was created.
AppointmentEditA scheduled appointment was edited, broken, or deleted.
AppointmentMoveA scheduled or completed appointment was moved to a new operatory or to the Unscheduled List.
ApptConfirmStatusEditThe appointment confirmation status was edited.
AuditTrailAudit Trail was accessed.
AutoNoteQuickNoteEditAuto Notes and QuickPaste Notes were created.
BackupBackups were accessed.
BillingBilling was accessed.
BlockoutsA blockout was added, edited, deleted, cut, copied, pasted, or cleared.
CarrierCreateA Carrier was created in Carriers.
ChartModuleChart Module was accessed.
ChooseDatabaseThe Choose Database window was accessed.
ClaimDeleteA claim was deleted.
ClaimEditA claim was created, canceled, or saved.
ClaimProcClaimAttachedProvEditThe providers were edited on claim procedures attached to a claim.
ClaimSendAn insurance claim was printed or sent.
ClaimSentEditA claim that had already been sent was edited.
CommandQuerySQL commands (non-SELECT statements) were run on normal tables in the User Query window.
CommlogCreateA commlog was created.
CommlogEditA commlog was edited.
CreditCardMoveA credit card was moved from one patient to another. (Logged for both patients.)
DepositSlipsDeposit Slips were edited.
DiscountPlanAddA discount plan was created.
DiscountPlanAddDropA discount plan was added to or dropped from a patient’s account.
DiscountPlanEditDiscount plan information was edited (adjustment type, fee schedule, description, plan note, annual max, frequency limitations).
DiscountPlanMergeDiscount plans were merged together.
EmailSendAn email message was sent.
EmployerCreateAn employer was created.
EServicesSetupeServices Setup settings were edited. The eConnector is only monitored when a user with this permission is logged on. Logs an entry in the Audit Trail when the eConnector is installed for the first time.
FamilyModuleThe Family Module was accessed.
FeeScheduleEditFee schedules were edited in the Fee Schedules window, Procedure Codes – Fee Schedule window, Fee Tools, and Edit Procedure Code window.
GraphicalReportSetupGraphic Reports were set up or edited.
GraphicsEditGraphics Preferences were accessed and changed.
GraphicsRemoteEditA user changed the graphical settings for another workstation.
GroupNoteEditSignedA signed Group Note was edited.
ImageCreateAn image was created.
ImageDeleteAn image was deleted.
ImageEditA document was created, moved, or edited.
ImageExportAn image was exported.
ImagingModuleThe Imaging Module was accessed.
InsCarrierCombineInsurance Carriers were combined using Combine Carriers.
InsPayCreateReceived a Claim, Finalize Insurance Payment, created a Batch Insurance Payment, or Accessed the ERA window.
InsPayEditEdited received procedures, finalized payments, and payment details on a batch insurance payment.
InsPlanAddPatThe patient was added to an insurance plan.
InsPlanChangeAssignChanged the Assignment of Benefits setting on the Edit Insurance Plan window. Changed Insurance plans default to show the assignment of benefits setting in Family Module Preferences.
InsPlanChangeCarrierNameChanged insurance carrier name via the Edit Insurance Plan window.
InsPlanChangeSubscChanged the subscriber on the Edit Insurance Plan window or used the Move Subscribers tool.
InsPlanMergeInsurance Plans were combined.
LogFeeEditEdited fees.
MedicalInfoViewedThe Medical Window was viewed.
MedicationMergeAccessed the Merge Medications tool.
OrthoChartEditFullEdited any Ortho Chart dated entry.
PatAllergyListEditAllergies were added, changed, or removed.
PatientApptRestrictChanged the setting of the Appointment scheduling is restricted checkbox.
PatientBillingEditChanged a patient’s billing type in Edit Patient Information.
PatientCreateA new patient was added.
PatientDOBViewViewed full patient birthdate in the Family ModuleSelect Patient window, and Edit Patient Information window.
PatientFieldEditPatient Fields were edited.
PatientMergeThe Merge Patients tool was accessed.
PatientSSNViewViewed full patient SSN number in the Family ModuleSelect Patient window, and Edit Patient Information window.
PatMedicationListEditMedications were added, changed, or removed.
PatPlanCreateA patient insurance plan was created.
PatPriProvEditChanged a patient’s primary provider on the Edit Patient Information window or via the Provider List.
PatProblemListEditProblems were added, changed, or removed.
PaymentCreateEntered patient payment or created an Income Transfer.
PaymentEditA patient payment was edited.
PayPlanEditA Payment Plan was created, edited, closed, or deleted.
PayPlanChargeDateEditViewed, edited or deleted a Payment Plan charge on plans with APR.
PerioEditA perio exam was added, deleted, or copied.
PrintingPatient information was printed.
ProblemEditAdded, edited, or deleted a problem in the Problem List.
ProcCodeEditAdded or edited procedure codes from Lists, Procedure Codes.
ProcComplCreateAppointments or individual procedures were set complete.
ProcComplEditEdited procedures with a status of complete (C), existing – other provider (EO), or existing – current provider (EC).
ProcCompleteStatusEditThe status of a completed procedure was edited or a completed procedure was deleted.
ProcDeleteNon-completed procedures were edited, or attached Procedure Notes or Procedure Group Note were edited.
ProcEditA procedure was flagged as CPOE.
ProcExistingEditA procedure with a status of Existing Other (EO) or Existing Current (EC) was edited.
ProcFeeEditChanges were made to Procedure Code fees.
ProtectedLeaveAdjustmentEditA timecard adjustment marked as Protected Leave was created, edited, or deleted.
ProviderMergeThe Merge Providers tool was accessed.
QueryMonitorThe Query Monitor was opened.
RecallEditA Recall Type was created, edited, or deleted. Also tracks when the Undo tool is run in the Recall List.
RefAttachAddA Referral was attached to a patient.
RefAttachDeleteA Referral was detached from a patient.
ReferralAddA referral was added to the main Referrals List.
ReferralEditA referral in the main Referral List was edited or deleted.
ReferralMergeThe Merge Referrals tool was accessed.
RepeatChargeCreateA Repeating Charge was created.
RepeatChargeDeleteA Repeating Charge was deleted.
RepeatChargeToolRepeating Charges were run.
RepeatChargeUpdateA Repeating Charge was updated.
ReplicationSetupReplication setup was accessed.
ReportsStandard Reports were accessed. To grant or block access for individual reports, see Report Setup: Security Permissions.
RequiredFieldsInformation was not completed in a Required Field and the user clicked OK.
RxCreateA prescription was created.
RxEditPrescriptions were edited or deleted.
SalesTaxAdjEditA Sales Tax Adjustment was edited.
SchedulesProvider and employee Schedules were edited.
SecurityAdminChanges were made to security permissions.
SetupA change was made to “Setup” Permission.
SheetEdit – Sheets attached to patients were edited.
– The patient a sheet was attached to was changed.
Web Forms were retrieved and attached to patients.
– Lists information was imported from a sheet.
SplitCreatePastLockDateNew Pay Splits were added for payments created before the Global Lock Date.
SupplementalBackupA supplemental backup was created.
TaskEditTask description was edited, or tasks were deleted.
TaskListCreateTask List was created.
TaskNoteEditTask notes were edited or deleted.
TaskReminderPopupA reminder task popped up for a user.
TimeAdjustEditA time card adjustment was added, edited, or deleted.
TimeCardDeleteEntryA time card entry was deleted.
TPModuleThe Treatment Plan Module was accessed.
TreatPlanDiscountEditA procedure Discount was created or changed in the Treatment Plan module or Procedure.
TreatPlanEditA saved Treatment Plan was edited.
TreatPlanPresenterEditThe presenter was changed when editing a Saved Treatment Plan.
UserLogOnOffUsers logged on, logged off, clocked in, clocked out, or closed Open Dental.
UserQueryChanged variables and ran a released User Query.
WebMailDeleteA WebMail message was deleted.
WebMailSendA WebMail message was sent.
WebSchedRecallManualSendWebSchedRecall was sent manually.

Whether you need help with auditing actions in the software or learning how to use a feature, we’re here for you. Get simple questions answered right away via chat. If you need help troubleshooting something or need us to remote connect to see what you’re seeing, give our team a call.

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