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Software Update: Stable Version 20.1 Highlights

Version 20.1 Released as Stable.

15 requested features and enhancements were implemented in this software update.

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New eServices Features

eReminders, eConfirmations, and Automated Thank You Messages can now be sent using the patient’s preferred language.

See the ‘Add Language Translation’ section of our manual page for more on setting up and using this feature.

Automated Thank You Messages send a thank you message (via text or email) when a patient schedules an appointment.

Set this up in the eServices window along with eReminders and eConfirmations.

If your practice is using eConfirmations and Automated Thank You messages, your patients will have the option to add the appointment to the calendar on their device.

Language Translation for Sheets

Patient forms and letters (called Sheets in Open Dental) can automatically generate in the patient’s preferred language when sheets have a language translation set up. Take the steps below to use this feature.

  1. In Setup> Miscellaneous, edit the languages used by patients.
  2. Set the patient’s preferred language in the Edit Patient Information window.
  3. In Sheets, select a sheet and create a translation.
  4. Manually edit the fields in the translated version.
  5. Select a patient with that preferred language, then generate the sheet. The translated version will automatically populate.

New Images Module Features

Create and store image mounts for radiographs and photo collages.

Create image mounts or collage templates, then add photos and Xrays to the template in the Images Module. Images and Xrays must already exist in the Image Module before they can be added to a mount or collage.

Merge image categories

If you’ve accidentally created duplicate image categories (folders in your images module), you can now merge them.

  1. Go to Tools > Misc. Tools > Merge Image Categories
  2. Click the ‘Change’ button to first select the one you want to merge data into (this is the one you want to keep going forward)
  3. Next, click ‘Change’ and select the one you’re merging from (this is the one that will be hidden)
  4. Click Merge.
More information on our Merge Image Categories manual page.

New Chart Module Feature

New Chart Module Preference to require the logged in user to be a provider when signing a note.

When checked, notes on procedures and commlogs can only be signed if the user is associated to a provider.

New Security Features

Ability to copy a user’s settings and permissions when creating a new user

Use the Copy User feature to save time and prevent errors when creating a new user that needs the same set of permissions as an existing user.

In the Security window, highlight the user then click Copy. A new user with the same name and setup will be created. Then double-click into the copy to re-name the user and link to the correct employee, provider, etc.

Logoff overrides by user

You may have a global logoff time set in your Global Security Settings to improve security. A new feature now gives you the option to allow logoff overrides at the user level.

First, allow individual logoff overrides in Global Security Settings.
In this example, users will be automatically logged off after 15 minutes of inactivity, and we’ve opted to allow user logoff overrides.

Next, assign a logoff override for an individual user in the User Edit window.

Now, this user will be automatically logged off after 45 minutes of inactivity instead of 15 minutes.

Patient level Audit Trail for insurance plans

Want to see what’s changed at the subscriber level for a patient’s insurance plan? Click the Audit Trail button in the green shaded area

Other New Features

  • Clicking X in the upper right of the program will generate a prompt asking if you want to close, to help prevent accidental exits.
  • Set your preferred default to include or exclude Inactive Patients in the Select Patient window.
    Go to Setup > Miscellaneous. In the Select Patient Window section at the bottom, you’ll notice “Show Inactive Patients by default” is checked by default. If you do not want Inactive Patients to show in the Select Patient window, uncheck this box.

Appearance Changes in the Software

The Edit Appointment Window has changed. The fields and information are all the same, just organized differently. The new layout provides more room for Custom Appointment Fields (Appt Field Defs), shown on the left.

The Show Features Window (in Setup > Advanced Setup > Show Features) has a new look, grouping related options together.

We are continuing to work on many more exciting features.
Please submit AND vote on feature requests to let your voice be heard – we’re listening! We’re only a phone call or chat away if you need help troubleshooting these or other features in the software.

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