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Fun (and Function) with Colors

You likely already know that Open Dental is customizable. Whether you’re super creative, want to see your brand colors expressed in your software, or just want to color-code things for better visibility and easier categorization of data, this post is for you!

Appointment Module

The most fun with color can be found in the Appointment Module. Assign colors to providers and appointments, background, blockouts, and more!

Here are the changes we made to the screenshot above.

  • We assigned a special main Border around the outside of the software window by going to Setup> Definitions> Misc Colors.
    This changed the color at the top of every module and window. You can also change how the text looks.
  • We changed the provider color in Lists> Providers.
    This is associated with appointments. Alternatively, colors can be assigned to Appointment Types.
  • Practice Closed and Open and Appointment Complete colors were customized in Definitions: Appointment Colors
    The holiday and blockout text color can also be changed here.
  • Confirmation Colors were customized by type in Definitions: Appt Confirmed

Chart Module

Colors can be edited on the Tooth Chart and Commlogs to add some additional flair and help identify different types of information.

Here is what we changed in the above screenshot:

  • Tooth Chart graphic colors were changed in Definitions: Chart Graphic Colors
    The procedure colors for treatment planned, completed, referred, or completed by other providers can be customized.
  • Progress Note colors. There are a couple places to edit colors that show up in the progress notes.

Bonus customization tip: Rearrange your Chart Module! 
Create a custom Chart Layout to take advantage of any spare space you may have in the Chart Module. Add more room for notes, make the tooth chart bigger, etc. Here’s how:

Perio Chart

In this image, we’re using the defaults for the perio chart, but they can be customized as well.

Choose your colors in Definitions: Misc Colors. You can change the following:

  • Perio Bleeding
  • Perio Suppuration
  • Perio Plaque
  • Perio Calculus

Account Module

Make the information in the Account Module easier to identify by assigning different colors.

Change the color for claims, payments, adjustments, and more in Definitions: Account Colors.

We hope these customizations in Open Dental will help you identify things more easily and add some flair to your software experience 🙂 As always, if you need any help with anything in  Open Dental, we’re here for you!

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