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Software Update: Stable Version 21.3 Highlights

Version 21.3 has been released as Stable, implementing many exciting features including 12 that were requested by our users.

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2022 CDT Codes

2022 CDT codes are available in versions 21.2.47 or 21.3.22 and greater. Watch this video on how to update these codes. If you need to update your software, there’s a link at the end to that video as well.

We recommend the D Codes tool is only run after seeing the last patient of the year or at the start of 2022.  
A warning will be displayed if the tool is run before the start of the new year. 

Grow your practice with advertising postcards!

Market your practice with new advertising postcards. Use your own list, or purchase one based on the demographics you select, then select and customize a postcard design and send.  Learn more in our manual or watch this video:

  • New keyboard shortcut added to open Select Patient window
    Ctrl+P will bring up the Select Patient window. See all our keyboard shortcuts here.
  • Secure Email Feature 
    Set up Secure Email to send PHI or other sensitive information securely via email. Recipients will use a one-time passcode to view and reply to messages. Learn more on our Secure Email Workflow page.
  • Less data entry when adding a new family member in the Family Module.
    Select an existing family member, then add the new family member – the Email and Phone will be copied over.


  • Web Sched Existing Patient
    • Change recall display name to show a more generic term like “Teeth Cleaning” to include both Prophy and Perio appointments. 
  • eReminders
    • If a patient is marked as premed, a customizable premedication message can be attached to messages to remind them to take their medication prior to their appointment.
      First, customize the message in Automated Messaging Advanced Settings

      Then, include the [Premed] flag in your reminder messages. 
  • eClipboard 
    • Payment Plans can be displayed and signed. 
    • Account Module Preference to save payment plans as PDF from eClipboard. 
    • Patients can make a payment via eClipboard (if your practice is using PayConnect or XCharge).
  • Patient Portal 
    • Determine conditions for sending Patient Portal invites to a patient. 
    • Patients making online payments can choose to receive a receipt via email.
    • Online payments are automatically allocated using the preference you’ve set in Allocations Setup.

      An Online Payment Pending Alert will show in the main menu when online payments are received.

      Payments show as pending. Open the payment and check to Mark as Processed as shown below.
  • eRx: DoseSpot

Imaging Module

  • Multiple images can be opened simultaneously 
  • Text can be added to images using the Draw button – see more in our manual.

Patient Statements

  • Statement button in the Account Module uses the start date from billing defaults. 
  • Use Scheduled Processes to automatically run your monthly patient statements. 
  • Ortho Chart
    • The Ortho Chart can only be edited by one user at a time. By default, the Locked by note will appear at the bottom, with the current user allowed to make edits.
      If the Ortho Chart is in use by another user, a warning will display if another user attempts to open the Ortho Chart. The new user can click Take Control to take over editing. When this happens, the existing user’s edits will save, and will be able to be seen by the new user.
    • The Ortho Chart can be viewed or printed for a specific date range. When the Print button is clicked, information shown will print.

New security permissions have been added to:

  • Restrict access to add, edit, or delete an allergy in the Allergies List: Allergy Definition Edit.
  • Restrict access to add, edit, or delete medications in the Medication List: Medication Definition Edit.
  • Restrict the ability to add or update a password in a Program Link that requires one: Manage High Security Properties.
  • Restrict the ability to add or edit allergies for a patient: Pat Allergy List Edit.
  • Restrict the ability to add or edit problems for a patient: Pat Problem List Edit.
  • Restrict the ability to add or edit medications for a patient: Pat Medication List Edit.
  • Restrict access to the Edit Patient Information window: Patient Edit.
  • Create an Audit Trail entry when a patient credit card is edited.
  • Require the AdjustmentCreate permission when adding a discount to a treatment planned procedure.

We are continuing to develop exciting features, many of them requested through our Feature Request process. If you need help with the features highlighted here or with anything else in the program, please reach out to our support team.

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