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At Open Dental, we are experts at finding and creating queries that work for your office needs. Our Query Examples page has over 1,300 queries, and today, we wanted to share a few favorites with you.

Running User Queries

Before we talk about our favorites, we want to make sure you know how to find and run a query.

Watch this video for an example:

Some Tips:
When searching for a query, narrow down the results by category.
If you want to search for a specific phrase, click the “Hide Query Details” button first, then Ctrl+F to find the word or phrase you’re looking for.


Waiting Room Reports

Is one of your goals to decrease waiting room times? Do you know what your current Waiting Room times are? We have some queries that will tell you.

First, be sure you are utilizing the Waiting Room in Open Dental. The report will use the times that automatically populate into the Appointment.

If you forgot to mark a patient as arrived, seated, or dismissed, don’t worry! You can always edit these times manually for a patient.

Here are three queries that will provide Waiting Room statistics.


Patients Not Seen Since

Maybe you were about to run the Patient Status Setter to archive old patients, but wanted to reach out to them first in hopes of retaining them. Or perhaps you’re a pediatric practice wanting a list of guarantors for patients not seen since a certain date. Here are some queries that can help.

Query 49 finds contact information for patients not seen since a specified date.


Query 130 lists patients not seen since a specific date, the date they were last seen, and the number of procedures they have had completed.

Query 193 is great for pediatric offices. It finds the guarantor information for patients not seen since the specified date.

Preview in new tab(opens in a new tab)

Query 396 lists patients not seen since a specified date, their contact info, and the date they were last seen. These patients have had a procedure completed in the past and don’t have an appointment coming up.


Patients with a Patient Field Def Entered

If you created a custom Patient Field Def, you might want to find a list of patients where information is entered.
Query 311 helps with that!

For example, you may have a Patient Field Def of “Ortho Status” to easily note patients who need care, are currently in care, or previously had care.

You can run the query to find a list of patients who have a status entered.


With over 1,300 queries to choose from, you’ll probably find just what you need. But if none of them are quite right, we can customize one for you. Learn more about our Custom Query Request Process by watching this Video.

As always, feel free to reach out anytime you need assistance with a User Query!

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