Top 10 Posts of 2021

We’ve pulled the stats. Here are the 10 most popular posts published in 2021:

Why Does My Patient Have a Balance?balance

When there is a balance on a patient account, you want to be able to quickly determine where the balance is coming from, and collect the correct amount from your patient. In this post, we’ll look at why your patient may have a balance, as well as other account questions that may come up as you manage patient accounts.

Tips & Tricks #25

Learn how to troubleshoot recurring charges that aren’t processing, how to change the font size on the schedule (and other parts of the program), and e-Prescribe options in Open Dental.


Tips for Getting Insurance Claims Paid Promptly

If your Outstanding Insurance Claims Report has a balance that makes your hair stand on end, this post is for you! Learn some steps you can take in Open Dental (and beyond) to help prevent issues that could delay insurance payments.

Our Favorite Appointment View Fields

These Appointment View Fields will help your staff quickly see the most pertinent information to manage appointments quickly and efficiently.


Open Dental Users First to Get Access to ADA’s New Registry Initiative

Learn how Open Dental’s integration with the ADA’s Dental Experience and Research Exchange can help improve oral health outcomes in your practice – and beyond.
Don’t miss the follow-up post: New ADA Registry Helps Dentists Answer Questions about Treatments and Outcomes

5 Tools You Can Use Today to Boost Efficiency & Productivity

With more on your plate than ever before, we’re here with five types of tools you can start using today to boost efficiency and productivity.


Block Scheduling

Patient scheduling is an everyday task that’s critically important to your practice’s success and growth. Learn how block scheduling boosts scheduling efficiency and allows you to schedule the right production value mix to meet and exceed your practice goals.

NotesTake Note: The Different Ways to Enter Notes in Open Dental

There are many ways to take notes in Open Dental. Learn about creating templates,  recording clinical notes, notes on patient communication, accounting, security, and more!


Sneak Peek: 16 New Codes and more you should look for in CDT 2022

Now is the time to prepare for CDT code updates. See what’s coming in CDT 2022 and why staying updated is so important.


New Employee Training

Learn about employee training resources, and a new Certifications tool to help you manage your employees’ training progress in Open Dental.

Thank you for another amazing year. We are honored that you’ve chosen Open Dental as your Dental Practice Management Software, and our entire team is here to support you to help you get the most out of all the tools in the software. Please reach out anytime!

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