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Questions & Answers with an Open Dental Expert: Customer Onboarding and Training


Open Dental is a practice management software that’s packed full of features, and as a result, we have a team packed full of experts. Technicians come from backgrounds in dentistry, IT, customer service, and more. Some technicians do it all – others find their niche and specialize in a specific area. In this blog series, we’ll interview Open Dental Experts with various specialties.

In this post, we are interviewing Summer, who specializes in all things training and is a Customer Onboarding and Training Coordinator.

How long you have been with Open Dental and what’s your specialty?

I have been with Open Dental for over seven years. My specialty is customer training and onboarding new customers who are starting a brand new practice, or switching to Open Dental from another practice management software. I love customer training and onboarding because I love being able to help an office through what can be a stressful time as they navigate new practice management software.

How can an office get the most out of their onboarding and training experience?

Training is most effective when it meets the specific needs of the practice and its staff. When an office helps us understand their office flow, staff responsibilities, and any specific questions they may have, it helps us tailor the training to their specific needs. Open Dental can be customized in many ways. The more we understand the practice and its needs, the more we can help train the staff to maximize all the tools in the software to boost efficiency and productivity.

What’s the main reason an office would want to consider online or on-site training for their staff (vs. using free online resources)?

Our online webinars are AMAZING but they are meant to be more general and useful for a broader audience. When you have either an online or on-site training, we can customize it to really fit your needs and the best part is, we can answer any questions you may have as we go through the training.

What is one piece of advice you have for new offices?

Go slow. I know that you are wanting to get things done and done now, but at the same time, accuracy is better. The more time you take to review your data and ask questions, the more successful your conversion or new practice will be. Take the time to set things up correctly – it will prevent time-consuming fixes and re-work later.

Anything else you’d like to share with offices?

Utilize your Open Dental support team. We are here seven days a week and on most holidays. We truly love what we do and we want to help you be successful!

Want more information about new customer onboarding or training? Our support team is always here for you – reach out anytime.

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