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Feature Highlight: Customizing with Definitions

DefinitionsThe Definitions area of Open Dental allows you to customize colors, list options, categories, and some defaults available on various windows to suit your practice and how it operates. This post will discuss our most popular Definitions, and how they can boost efficiency and productivity, and improve data tracking for your practice. For a list of all available Definitions, see our manual page.

Account Procs Quick Add

This is a time-saver and efficiency-booster. If you have retail items you sell to your patients, you’ll want to add them here. Once added, you’ll be able to quickly charge those items to your patient’s account using the Quick Procs dropdown in the Account module.

Definitions: Account Procs Quick Add

Adj Types

Categorize the various types of adjustments used by your office for better tracking and reporting. Whether it’s a fee or a discount, it can be added to the Adj Types definitions list. Add an adjustment to the account by clicking the Adjustment button on the toolbar in the Account Module.

Definitions: Adjustments

Appt Procs Quick Add

Boost efficiency and productivity by quickly charting commonly offered treatment combinations using Appointment Procs Quick Add. You can then add several procedures to the patient’s Treatment Plan with one click, right from the appointment window.

Definitions: Appointment Procs Quick Add

TECH TIP: Only add procedures that don’t require a tooth number or surface – you will not be prompted for those when charting this way.

Commlog Types

Make different types of communication more visible in the patient’s chart by assigning different colors to commlog types.

Definitions: Commlog Types

Image Categories

If you are a paperless office or planning to become one in the future, this one’s for you! This definition determines the category folders available to organize documents in the Images Module. You can add or edit existing folders as needed.

Definitions are a great tool to help get Open Dental setup the way you want it. Need help customizing things in Open Dental? Get in touch with us – we’re here to help!

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