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Our Favorite Appointment View Fields

Appointment View

In this post, we’ll introduce you to our favorite Appointment View Fields that will help your staff quickly see the most pertinent information to manage appointments quickly and efficiently.


Want to quickly see which patients need to be premedicated?
Add the PremedFlad to your Appointment View.

In this example, we placed the flag in the upper right to quickly distinguish these patients.

For the PremedFlag to display, simply ensure the patient has Premedicate checked in their Medical information.


View important medical notes at a glance by adding the MedUrgentNote field to the Appointment View.

Add Medical Urgent Notes to the patient’s Medical information.


To see which patients still need their insurance verified, add the VerifyIns[V] field to the Appointment View. In this example, we added the field to the bottom right.

See our QuickTip Video for details on using this field efficiently.

IsLate[L] or LateColor

Want to quickly see your late patients without constantly checking the time? Add the IsLate[L] field to display and L, or add the LateColor field to change the appointment color.

Both fields will be in use once the patient has not been marked as arrived at their appointment time.

The IsLate[L] field will add an L to the appointment. In this example, we added it to the upper right.

Or, use the LateColor field. First, when adding the field to the Appointment View, double-click the field to determine the color.

When the appointment is late, the selected color will be used.

Appointment Fields

Appointment Field Defs are fields specific to the appointment. All appointment fields are created and customized by your office. Add fields to the Appointment View as needed.

  1. Create your fields in Appointment Field Defs.
  2. Add the field to the Appointment View.

3. Add information to the appointment field from the Edit Appointment window.

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You spend a lot of time in the Appointment View. When it’s customized, it can improve the visibility of vital information, and streamline appointment management. If you’d like more information, please search our online manual.

If you need help with any of these or other features in Open Dental, please reach out to our friendly support team – we’re here for you!

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