Tips and Tricks for Entering Insurance Payments

Entering Insurance Payments

You just checked the mail, and find that you have a giant stack of EOBs to enter. Not only is the phone ringing constantly, but you have patients being brought to your desk to check out. The busy life of a dental office front desk! This post will highlight some of our tips and tricks to help streamline the insurance payment process so you can get back to doing everything else.

Show Patient Responsibility in the Edit Claim/Payment windows

As of Version 20.3, there is a new Account Module Preference to help make posting EOBs easier. Previously, when posting an insurance payment (EOB), you would have to manually calculate the patient responsibility. Now,  patient responsibility will display and automatically calculate as insurance payment (Ins Pay) and writeoff amounts are added or edited.

Insurance Payments

When to use the This Claim Only Button

Within the Edit Claim Window, after you’ve posted your payment (by procedure or as total), you are given two options to Finalize Payment.

Use This Claim Only is used for posting a single payment from insurance, for a single claim (e.g. Claim for John Smith, DOS 10/06/2020).

insurance payments

The insurance paid amount automatically populates into the Enter Payment window. Simply verify the information, then click OK.

When finalizing the payment, only the currently selected patient is attached to the payment. 

When to use the Batch Button

The second option for finalizing a payment is to enter the payment as a batch. The Batch button can be used to finalize multiple payments, on multiple claims at once, after the payment has been entered.

This can be helpful for posting a payment that includes multiple claims and dates of service for the same patient (i.e. John Smith DOS 10/06/2020 and DOS 10/20/2020.)

After entering payment in the Edit Claim window for both claims, click Batch to finalize the payment. Enter the paid amounts for the patient and enter/verify any additional information.

When finalizing the payment, both dates of service for that patient are attached to the check. 

Note: If there are other unfinalized payments for other patients, you will first need to detach them from this payment.

When to use the Batch Ins option in the Manage Module

Another option for posting Batch Insurance payments (EOBs) is using the Batch Ins button within the Manage Module. This method is most helpful for payments from insurance that pay for multiple patients with multiple dates of service. It saves time by not having to navigate to each individual patient listed on the EOB to post the payments individually.

To create a Batch Ins check, navigate to the Manage Module, and click Batch Ins.

From the Batch Insurance Payments window, click Add and enter the payment details.

Be sure to include a carrier. This helps narrow down patients.

insurance payments

Next, attach the patients that are on the EOB. Use the filters in the bottom half of the window to narrow down your patient search. Any patient with an unfinalized payment will show.

insurance payments

 Once you locate the correct patient and date of service, double-click on the line item for that claim. It will bring up the Edit Claim window where you will enter the payment as usual. In this case, as soon as you hit OK after entering the payment amounts, it will attach that patient to the check automatically.

Repeat this process until all patients on the EOB are attached and the total check amount matches the total payments attached.

Tech Tip: Did a patient interrupt you while entering this payment? That’s okay! You can close out of the EOB window and go back into it later. Simply click Batch Ins again from the Manage Module, and you’ll see your check listed in the Batch Insurance Payments window with an X in the Partial column.

Blue Book

Do you have a lot of out-of-network insurance plans? 

As of Version 20.3, we’ve updated the Blue Book feature which will make posting payments and tracking insurance estimates for your out-of-network patients easier the more you use it!

See our recent blog post Feature Highlight: Blue Book for more information.

Additional Resources on Insurance Payments

Is your claim missing data? Did you send the wrong code? Did insurance only send a partial payment? We cover that and more on our Blog Post: FAQs Answered: Insurance Claims.

If you’re a high-volume practice swimming in insurance payments & EOBs, you won’t want to miss this post about ERAs and what they can do for your practice.

New to Open Dental and Insurance? See our Insurance Playlist on Youtube!


If you have questions about posting payments or anything else in Open Dental, our support technicians are here to help.

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