Marietta Campus Updates

Open Dental Marietta Street (Oregon) Campus Progress Update #5

Campus update

The Open Dental Campus, located on Marietta Street in Salem, Oregon is continuing to grow.

Since our last ‘Marietta Campus’ update, the second floor of Building C is now nearing max capacity, housing the Marketing and Communications Team and Support Technicians.

Our family continues to grow

We have continued hiring at a rapid pace. Since our last campus update on June 19, 2020, we have hired:

  • Support technicians: 150
  • Accounting staff: 1 
  • Engineers: 7
  • Engineer interns: 3

Open Dental now has 315 employees working hard for you! 

‘Marietta Building G’ Status Update

This building was already on the property when it was purchased but had been designed to be a warehouse with truck bays. The process to retrofit this 18,400 sq ft building to accommodate cubicles and staff has now been completed, and we are starting to move staff into the building. This location will eventually house up to 180 team members.

A generator being lifted by crane onto the roof at Building G

Lunch Room

Lots of work in progress

Some finished workspaces, still lots of room left for more team members!

Future Developments

The next building to go up will be ‘Marietta Building D,’ a 3-story, 55,000 square foot building.  Construction is slated to begin this fall, with completion in Spring, 2023. This building will eventually house up to 500 team members!

We are excited to continue to grow into our new spaces, which will allow us to serve you even better. Stay tuned for future updates.

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