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Open Dental Marietta Street (Oregon) Campus Progress Update #4

Campus update:

The Open Dental Campus, located on Marietta Street in Salem, Oregon is continuing to grow.
Since our last ‘Marietta Campus’ update, ‘Marietta Building C’ has been completed, and its occupants have moved in.

Open Dental Software Marietta Street Campus

Buildings A, B, and C are all connected now, and staff can move freely between the three buildings.

Open Dental Software Marietta Street Campus

Building B and C are connected by a sky bridge on the upper level and a walkway on the lower level.

As we dealt with the effects of COVID-19, the majority of our team members were transitioned to working from home. We have started welcoming team members back, but many of the occupants of Building C are continuing to working remotely, so it’s still pretty quiet in here.

The second floor of Building C is now fully equipped with cubicles and ready for new occupants.


Our teams continue to grow!

We’re hiring at a rapid pace, adding about 15 team members per month. Our interviews are being conducted in a tent next to Building C to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Our new employee onboarding team is working hard to train all the new staff and get them up to speed quickly and make sure they are fully equipped to provide the great technical support you count on.

We are excited to continue to grow into our new spaces, which will allow us to serve you even better. Stay tuned for future updates!

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  1. What can be done to streamline medical billing submissions in OD to make it easier to process electronic dental crosscoded medical claims? It is a massive headache and not user friendly.

    • Our support team would be happy to help you troubleshoot, please call us at +1 503.363.5432.

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