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Taking on the Treatment Plan

Treatment Plan

The Treatment Plan is vital for giving your patients information on recommended treatment, what insurance is expected to cover, and the estimated patient portion. In this post, we’ll cover receiving a preauthorization, changing notes, applying discounts, and using eClipboard to record a patient’s signature. Read on for additional resources that cover common situations, setup, and more!

Treatment Plan

Receive a Preauthorization

If you sent out a preauthorization, you will need to receive it to update the estimates.


First, double-click the preauthorization in the upper right.

Next, click By Procedure, then enter the insurance estimate.


The insurance and patient portion estimate on the treatment plan will update based on your entry.

When receiving a preauthorization, the preauth estimate will override the estimate originally created by Open Dental.


In this example, Open Dental estimated the procedure to be paid $160, but the preauthorization estimated the procedure to be paid at $100.

Note: If benefits have changed (e.g. they are over the annual max, procedure fee changed, etc) for a patient between the preauthorization being sent and the work being completed, you may need to send a new preauthorization. The preauthorization estimate will remain, regardless of available benefits. Send and receive a new preauthorization, or manually remove the override.

Treatment Plan Notes

The default note is determined in the Treatment Plan Module Preferences.

tp pref

Patient treatment plans use the default note unless you have manually edited the note.

tp note

If a note was edited for the patient, it no longer uses the default (so updating the note in Preferences will not update it for the patient).

If you need to add a note, it is recommended you edit the note on the Saved Treatment Plan instead.

tp save ntoe

Use eClipboard to Sign Treatment Plans electronically


eClipboard users can use their practice’s tablet to present treatment to the patient. Select a Saved Treatment Plan, then click eClipboard. On the tablet, present the treatment to the patient, where it can be signed electronically. For additional instructions, see our Manual.

TECH TIP:  Want to automatically save signed treatment plans in the Images Module? See Image Categories.


There are two ways to add manual discounts to your Treatment Plan.

The first is a percentage discount on the selected procedures.
TP discoun

  1. Highlight the procedures you wish to apply a discount to.
  2. Click Discount at the top.
  3. Enter the percentage, then click OK.

Note: Enter 0 to undo the discount on the selected procedures.

The second way to apply a discount is to enter a cash amount on each procedure.
tp discount 2

  1. Double-click on the procedure.
  2. Enter the dollar amount in the bottom right.
  3. Click OK to apply the discount.

Note: Cash amount discounts have to be applied to each procedure individually. (e.g. $10 off vs 10%)

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