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Open Dental eServices: Loved by Patients and Practices Alike


Do you have a smartphone? Chances are you do, and so do most of your patients. Having access to the information we need right when we need it, and being able to take care of those items on our “to do” list no matter where we might be is what makes our phones indispensable. In this post, we’ll explore Open Dental’s eServices, and why they are loved by both patients and practices.

Patient Portal: An online hub for patients to view and manage their account online.

Patients love it because
it allows them to manage their health account: see what treatment has been planned, view their appointments, and even make online payments. WebMail allows them to communicate with their dentist and dental practice staff, safely & securely.

Practices love it because it allows HIPAA-compliant communication with their patients, and with patients being able to settle their accounts online quickly & easily, it helps keep accounts receivable volumes under control. Practices can set it up so Patient Portal invitations are automatically triggered by a scheduled or completed appointment so all their patients get the access they need to this valuable resource.

Patient Portal

Web Forms: Patient forms (sheets) can become Web Forms so patients can complete their paperwork online.

Create your patient paperwork as a sheet in Open Dental, then create a Web Form of that sheet. The link can be used on your website or in an email. Patients follow the link and complete the forms online.

Patients love it because it allows them to complete (and in some cases, sign) all the patient forms online before they arrive for their appointment.

Practices love it because when patient forms are retrieved & imported, any linked allergies, medical problems, or medications become part of the patient’s record. Importing the data reduces data entry errors, and is a super-efficient way to get critical information into the software.

Web Forms

Integrated Texting: 2-way texting to reach your patients quickly and effectively, and receive quick responses.

Patients love it because they can be contacted no matter where they are, using a method they’re comfortable with, allowing them to quickly take any action that is needed.

Practices love it because patients respond more quickly and predictably than other communication methods, minimizing follow-up actions and boosting efficiency and productivity.

Integrated Texting

Add Integrated Texting to these eServices to enhance communication with your valued patients:
– eReminders / eConfirmations
– Web Sched Recall
– Web Sched ASAP




eReminders: Automated appointment eReminders sent by email or text.

Send automated appointment eReminders to your patients by email or text*, based on intervals you specify.


* Texting requires the Integrated Texting service.

eConfirmations: Automated eConfirmations sent by email or text that allow patients to e-confirm.

Send automated appointment eConfirmations to your patients by email or text* to remind patients of their upcoming appointment. When patients e-confirm, their appointment status is automatically updated in the Appointment schedule.eConfirmations
* Texting requires Integrated Texting service.

Web Sched Recall: Automate your recall/recare reminders!

Until now, recall was a periodic manual process where a recall list was generated and reminders were sent out manually by selecting patients on the recall list. With Web Sched Recall, you now have the option to send recall reminders automatically by email or text* when patients meet the criteria for a recall reminder. Patients follow a link to schedule their appointment, and it appears instantly in your Appointment schedule.

Patients love it because they don’t just get reminded about their recall appointments, they can follow a link to schedule that appointment right then & there, for a date and time that fits into their busy lifestyle.

Practices love it because patients schedule their own appointments, and the appointment appears in the Appointment schedule automatically! With patients picking the slot they want, they’re much less likely to miss/cancel their recall appointment.

Web Sched Recall
*example shows recall reminders by text – this requires integrated texting

Web Sched New Patient: New patients schedule their first appointment online, and the appointment appears instantly in your Appointment schedule!

Patients love it because, as a new patient, they can fill out their basic info online, and go ahead & schedule their first appointment quickly and easily without having to make a phone call.

Practices love it because they get more new patients because the scheduling process is so easy, without it impacting their inbound call volume. The new patient account is automatically created in Open Dental, and the appointment appears in the Appointment schedule automatically, which saves data entry time.

Web Sched New Patient

Web Sched ASAP: Fill last-minute openings by notifying patients on your ASAP list.

When there’s a last-minute opening in your schedule, right-click on the opening to email or text* your patients on the ASAP list. A Web Sched ASAP note will appear in that time slot indicating how many patients have been notified with each method. Patients receive a link to schedule and the first patient to accept claims the spot! Their appointment will be instantly created (or rescheduled into that time slot) in your Appointment schedule.

Patients love it because they can receive an immediate notification of available slots anytime, anywhere, and they don’t have to call the office to schedule their appointment – they simply follow the link to claim the open slot.

Practices love it because the indicator on the “open slot” lets them know they’ve attempted to reach patients to fill the slot, and when the slot is claimed, the Appointment schedule is updated automatically.

Web Sched ASAP

* Texting requires Integrated Texting service.

Updated 1/24/22 – Mobile Web is now the Open Dental Mobile App!

Open Dental Mobile: Manage appointments, access patient and pharmacy info, contact patients, and more from your mobile device anytime, anywhere.

Patients love it because if things change, their dentist can get in touch with them quickly.

Practices love it because the doctor has the information they need right at their fingertips, and can manage their patients’ schedules or contact them as needed no matter where they are.

Web Mail

Maximizing the capabilities of available eServices can save time, increase productivity, and make a huge impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of patient communications. If your practice is using version 17.1 or greater, signing up for eServices can be done right now from your server. If you’re using an older version, some of the newer features may not be available to you – be sure to update your software, then check out the “How do I start using eServices?” section on our eServices page to get started today!



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