Feature Highlight: Patient Portal

Communication with patients is important. Communicating with patients in a way that is secure is even more important, especially when PHI is involved. Luckily, Open Dental has you covered with Patient Portal. Patient Portal offers a place for patients to see upcoming appointments, view account balances and make payments, review treatment plans, securely view and send messages with the provider, view a summary of care, and view images. Best of all, it’s completely customizable by your practice and included in the cost of support!


The appointments tab allows patients to view previous and upcoming appointments.


The Account tab displays a history of patient statements.

If using XCharge, Edge Express, or PayConnect as your credit card processor, you can allow patients to make their payment online as well. For details, see our manual: Online Payment.

Treatment Plan

The Plan tab displays treatment that has been added to a Saved Treatment Plan for the patient.

WebMail (Messaging)

The WebMail tab allows patients and providers a way to communicate in a secure manner. Similarly, patients can view Secure Email messages from this tab as well.


The Summary tab displays Summary of Care Documents (also known as Continuity of Care Documents) for patients and family members.

For information on how to automatically generate Continuity of Care Documents, see our QuickTip Video.


The Images tab displays images available for the patient to view. This can include X-rays and other documents.

Only the Image Categories allowed by your office will be available to the patient. In Definitions: Image Categories, set which ones will be visible in Patient Portal.

Customizing Patient Portal

All of the tabs in Patient Portal can be available or hidden as desired by the office. Simply check which tabs to display in Patient Portal Features.

Granting Access

When using Patient Portal, patients must be granted access. This only needs to be done once.

  1. In the patient’s Chart Module, double-click the Patient Portal row.

2. The following window will open:

3. Click Provide Online Access. Provide the patient the Username and generate a password. After the initial login, patients can update this information.

If your practice is interested in capitalizing on the benefits of Patient Portal, give us a call! Our team can help with setup and walk you through how to use it.

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