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Software Update: Stable Version 19.2 Highlights

SOFTWARE UPDATE: Version 19.2 has been released as Stable.

14 requested enhancements & new features were implemented in this software update!


New eClipboard App and associated eService

Goodbye Kiosk and having to use a laptop that runs a full version of Windows. Hello to using an iPad or Android Tablet* to have patients complete forms and more!

  • What features come with eClipboard?
    • Patient check-in: Patients will appear in the waiting room.
    • Electronic Patient Forms: As each form is completed, the patient will be directed to the next form. Once the forms are completed, no need to retrieve forms, just import the data into Open Dental.
      UPDATE: Consent forms are available in version and higher.
      TECH TIP:
      – Set up frequency rules to auto-generate forms you need to have completed every xx months, for example.
      – Forms can be added or removed in real-time while the patient is using the app – changes appear instantly for the patient.
    • Patient Picture/Selfie: The patient can take a selfie that becomes their patient picture in Open Dental.

Features in eClipboard can be enabled and disabled according to your office’s preference. Changes to behavior can be made in eClipboard Setup in your database.

Things you should know…

    • Only mobile-enabled forms can be sent to the eClipboard.
    • Features available in the app match the version of Open Dental your practice is using.

* The eClipboard app will work on iOS version 8.0 / Android version 4.4 Kitkat and later. 

Watch the eClipboard App & eService Webinar


Appointment-Related Enhancements:

  • Hover over an Operatory to view Production.
    Once production is added to the Appointment View, hover over an operatory header or single-click on the header to view production totals for the operatory.

  • Option to add Prophy/PerioPastDue [P] to Appointment View.
    TECH TIP: If BOTH Recall Past Due [R] and Prophy/PerioPastDue [P] are added to the appointment view and both are overdue, only the P (for Prophy/PerioPastDue) will show.
  • When copying/pasting a schedule, days marked as ‘holiday’ are no longer overwritten.
  • Appointment Module Preference prevents changes to completed appointments with (completed) procedures attached.
    When enabled, completed appointments (with completed procedures attached) will not be able to be broken, deleted, have appointment status changed, or sent to the Unscheduled List.

Account-Related Enhancements:

  • Preference to allow prepayments to treatment planned procedures.

When enabled, this preference:

    • Allows prepayments to be associated with treatment planned procedures.
    • Creates a hidden pay splits tab in the Account Module the first time a prepayment is allocated to a treatment planned procedure. This tab will always be there once it is created.
      Hidden Pay Splits report will show all hidden pay splits created as a result of prepayments allocated to treatment planned procedures.

TECH TIP: Go to Setup> Definitions> PaySplit Unearned Types to create custom prepayment types.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no indicator in the Treatment Plan Module when a prepayment is attached to a treatment planned procedure. The patient portion does not consider prepayment amounts, please double-click on the procedure to view any prepayments.

Chart-Related Enhancements:

  • If you have email templates that contain complex HTML features, you can now use the ‘Use Raw HTML’ checkbox and paste in the entire HTML text. This functionality extends to Web Sched ASAP, Web Sched Recall, Web Sched Notify, and Webmail templates.
    PLEASE NOTE: Sending an HTML email does not necessarily mean the patient’s email provider can read/display it properly.

Treatment Plan-Related Enhancements

  • Several additional display fields are available.
    • Appt: Will indicate if a treatment planned procedure is attached to an appointment.
    • Provider: The provider on the procedure.
    • Clinic: The Clinic associated with the procedure.
    • Date TP: The date the procedure was treatment-planned.

These fields do not display by default but can be added by going to Setup> Display Fields> Treatment Plan Module. Read more about how to add display fields in our online manual.

Reports-Related Enhancements

  • The option “Using initial claim date for write-off estimates, ins pay date for write-off adjustments” option was added to Production & Income Reports in 17.4. It is now also available on the following reports:
    Custom Aging
    PPO Write-offs
    Monthly Production Goal
    (Daily) Write-offs

ERA-Related Enhancements

  • Filter the list by Control ID (Setup> Advanced Setup> Show Features)

  • Preference to allow total payments when processing an ERA (Manage Module Preferences).

Miscellaneous Enhancements

We are working on many more exciting new features & enhancements. Remember to submit AND vote on feature requests to let your voice be heard – we’re listening!

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