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SOFTWARE UPDATE: Version 18.2 has been released as Stable.

33 requested enhancements & new features were implemented in this software update!


Some noteworthy items in version 18.2 include…

For larger practices using Clinics:
  • New Unrestricted Search permission allows users who are restricted to a specific clinic to search all patients in the database, and change a patient’s clinic from the Edit information grid.
  • Clinic filter when retrieving web forms.
  • Manage Module preference added to select all providers and employees when loading the Schedule window for clinic users.
  • Options to Clear All Blockouts for the Day: Op Only and Clear All Blockouts for the Day: Clinic only added to right-click menu on appointments.
  • Speed enhancements when generating statements for multiple clinics. See Billing List in our online manual.
  • Option to add clinic ID to the patient portal URL.
New Tools
  • Patient Status Setter Tool allows patients that meet criteria to be set to inactive status.
  • Term date can be entered for a provider to restrict sending claims and prescriptions, as well as scheduling and completing appointments.
  • Chart module, show tab: use the search box to search for keyword in any progress notes.
eServices Enhancements
Insurance-Related Enhancements
  • ClaimConnect/DentalXChange Users: The DentalXChange Attachment Service is now integrated into Open Dental. Sign up for this service with DentalXChange, and refer to DentalXChange Attachment in our online manual for more information on sending attachments electronically.
  • Additional frequency limitation options have been added in the Edit Benefits window. Additional options are now available by clicking the “More” button under frequencies. See Benefits in our online manual.
    You can also specify the codes affected by frequency limitations in Treatment Plan Module Preferences, Frequency Checking tab.
  • Waiting Periods can now be entered in two ways:
    – In the Edit Benefits window next to each category, under Waiting Periods.
    – In Other Benefits, select “Waiting Period” Type.
  • Sealant through age added to Benefits information window.
Appointment Module
  • Discount plan indicator can be added to appointment view and/or appointment bubble.
  • The estimated patient portion can be added to the appointment.
    See Appointment View Edit in our online manual.
Account Module
  • Recurring charges can now be set to run automatically. See the section on Automatic Recurring Charges in our online manual.
  • The Income Transfer Manager makes reallocating family balances quick & easy!
Reports and Security Settings
  • Need to print a fee schedule? Located in the Standard Reports’ Lists section, the Procedure Codes Report has now been re-named Procedure Codes-Fee Schedules so it’ll be easier to find.
  • Procedures Not Billed to Insurance report has a right-click Go to Account option so you can keep the report open while you work in other windows.
Time Clock / Time Card Changes
  • Timecard rule prevents employees from clocking in before a designated time. See the Rules section in our timecard setup for more about time card rules.
  • Allow paid 30-minute breaks preference (in Setup > Manage > Manage Preferences) determines whether break time is considered paid or unpaid. When unchecked (breaks are unpaid), the lunch option no longer appears as a clock-out option (since lunch is unpaid time, and with a preference for making all breaks unpaid, only the break option is needed).

As of v18.2 Open Dental requires and will prompt for .NET 4.5.2. Any users currently on 4.5.0 or 4.5.1 will need to update their .NET when updating to 18.2. This only applies to Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 machines as Windows 10 has .NET 4.6 by default.

For a complete list of all the new features & enhancements, see the version 18.2 page on our website.

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