Marietta Campus Updates

Open Dental Marietta Street (Oregon) Facility Progress Update #1

Open Dental Marietta Facility

We’ve come a long way from the lonely stretch of driveway that formerly defined this property, located about a mile from our current location in Salem, Oregon.

The external portion of the first building, ‘Marietta Building A’, is now complete.  Work is quickly progressing on the inside and we anticipate moving about 20 team members to this location in early November 2017.  Around 60 employees eventually will work from this 8,500 square foot facility.

‘Marietta Building B’ will be right next to the first building shown above and is scheduled for completion around July 2018.  Building B will be much larger at over 14,000 square feet and will have space for another 120 employees. The third phase, ‘Building C’, is still in the planning stages and when completed should allow all Open Dental employees to work on the same campus.


Stay tuned for future updates!

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