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Hello, and welcome to the Open Dental Software Blog. We’re here to help you get the most out of the tools available in your Practice Management Software, so your practice can grow and thrive.

Open Dental Software was born out of the belief that powerful practice management software should be within reach of EVERY dentist. You should own your own data, not be constrained by proprietary database structures, that’s why we’re open source.

We believe in never staying static – in learning & growing. We strive to be extraordinary listeners, and we act on what we hear. That’s why feature requests drive our product development. Our software is updated with several major releases each year, delivering hundreds of new features straight to your practice.

We look forward to bringing you content that will help you use the tools available in the software to boost efficiency and productivity, improve patient relations, and help move your practice forward.

As an Open Dental customer, you’re a valued part of our community, and we promise to provide a customer service experience that exceeds expectations.┬áNot a part of our community yet? Please contact us – we’d love to share more with you!

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