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Software Update: Stable Version 19.4 Highlights

Version 19.4 Released as Stable.

13 requested enhancements & new features were implemented in this software update.

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New eServices Features

New eClipboard Features:

Consent Forms were added to eClipboard in v19.2.
Starting in v19.4, consent forms can now be set to automatically be added every X number of days. See more in eClipboard: Setup.

Treatment plans can now be sent to the eClipboard
Present treatment and get your patient’s signature, all on your practice’s mobile device!

To send treatment plans to eClipboard, Open Dental must be updated to version 19.4 or greater, and the eClipboard app should be updated as well on each device. See more in eClipboard: Treatment Plan.

PayConnect from now available for online patient payments through the patient portal.

Attention PayConnect Users:
Your patients can now make online payments in the Patient Portal! See more in Online Payment.

Add customized automatic replies when a patient confirms an appointment via eConfirmations.

When a patient has confirmed an appointment, this feature sends a text reply, thanking the patient for confirming their appointment.

This reply can be customized.
When editing an eConfirmation rule, check “Send auto-replies – Template can be edited by clicking ‘Advanced’” then click Advanced and select the Auto Reply Templates tab. See more in eConfirmations.

New Appointment Module Feature

Hygiene Time has been added to the Appointment Time Bar

You asked for more provider visibility and here it is!
When the appointment is marked as ‘Is Hygiene’, the hygienist color will show in column 1 and the provider color will show in column 2.
If ‘Is Hygiene’ is not checked, the provider color shows in column 1 and the hygienist color shows in column 2. See more in Time Bars.

TECH TIP: The third time bar can be used to show an abbreviation (for the assistant name, for example).

New Treatment Plan Features

Preference to prompt for a name when saving the Treatment Plan

Until now, all treatment plans saved with the same name, and you had to double-click in to give it a new name. Now, you can set a Treatment Plan Preference to prompt for a name before you save the treatment plan.

You will be prompted to name your treatment plan.

Ability to present a “discount” in the Treatment Plan without tracking write-offs.

If you are in-network with insurance, don’t want to track write-offs, but want to show a discount to patients, this feature is for you!

First, add the display field “Cat% UCR” to the treatment plan. It is not added by default. (Setup > Display Fields > Treatment Plan Module, then move Cat%UCR from Available fields to Fields Showing – use the arrows to reorder it to where you want it to show in your treatment plan.)

Here is what you would see in the Treatment Plan. In this example:

  • The insurance type is set to Category % and an insurance fee schedule is selected, as shown below.
    Cat% UCR
  • The Office Fee is $1000.00
  • The Insurance Fee is $800.00
  • Insurance will cover 50%

Cat% UCR shows the full office fee of $1000.00, while Fee shows the Insurance $800.00. The discount (the difference between the insurance and office fee) is $200.00. (Note: Cat% UCR shows all the time, regardless of whether the insurance is Category % or PPO. )

The discount only appears in the Treatment Plan so you can show the patient. When the procedure is set complete, the $800.00 is charged to the account as normal.

New Security Features

Audit Trail Entries

We have added more tracking to the audit trail so you can see when:

  • An insurance payment or write-off is edited
  • Fees are changed in the fee schedule
  • A birthdate is unmasked (see below)
  • A social security number is unmasked (see below)

Ability to Mask Birthdates and Social Security Numbers

To further protect your patients’ Social Security Numbers and Birthdates, we’ve added an option to mask that information so it can only be viewed by authorized personnel (in a User Group with the permission enabled).

First, enable the option in Setup > Family/Insurance > Family Preferences.
Check the options to mask the Social Security Number and Date of Birth – this will mask this information in the Patient Select window, Patient Information, and Family Module.

Next, set up security permissions that determine which users can unmask and view this information (Patient Social Security Number View and Patient Birthdate View permissions).

Users in a user group that have these permissions will be able to right-click to unmask and view Social Security Numbers or Birthdates.

When a Birthdate or Social Security Number is viewed, it will be noted in the Audit Trail.

TECH TIP: All users can search the Patient Select window by DOB and Social Security Number, regardless of whether they have permission.


Other New Feature

Auto Notes can be exported and imported into other Open Dental databases.

Sharing is caring 🙂 If you want to share your Auto Notes with other offices using Open Dental, this feature is a great time-saver.

Go to Setup > Auto Notes.
Click Export to select which auto notes to export to a file. All selected notes will export together and will be placed in a JSON file.
Click Import to import a JSON file. All notes within the JSON will be imported. The file structure will not be maintained, so you will need to manually re-organize them.

We are continuing to work on many more exciting features.
Please submit AND vote on feature requests to let your voice be heard – we’re listening! We’re only a phone call or chat away if you need help troubleshooting these or other features in the software.

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