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New Features Highlight: Imaging Module – Part 2

The Imaging Module has many features covered in previous posts, but a lot can change in a few versions. This post will focus on some of the exciting new features that have been introduced since our last post.

Mount and Acquire

Now it’s easier than ever to take multiple radiographs in Open Dental. Click Mount/Acquire to generate a mount and take images.

Tech Tip: Mounts can be customized to meet the needs of your practice! See Mount Definitions to customize mount templates or Mount Info to customize an individual mount.

Draw and Text Tools

Need to mark something on a radiograph or document, but don’t want to print it? In comes the Draw tool.

After clicking the Draw button in the Imaging Module toolbar, an additional toolbar will appear with an option for the Draw tool. With this tool, you can add text, free-form draw, and add lines. Lines also allow you to add measurements or calibrate a scale.

Note: Calibrating a scale only needs to be done once. Once calibrated, set the default scale on each mount template and the general scale in preferences.

Viewing Multiple Images

View multiple images at the same time to make comparisons, view before & after photos, or any other reason you can think of. Just click and drag the title bar once an image has been opened in order to open additional images at the same time.

Click the Windows menu in the Image Title bar to move the image to a specific spot on the screen, see a list of all the files currently open and easily take action on them.


Did a scan come in a bit askew or an x-ray isn’t quite straight? Previously, images could only be rotated on a right-angle (e.g., 90 degrees), but now they can be rotated any number of degrees by clicking Size/Rotation in the toolbar, from the Item Size window.

New Preferences

A variety of preferences have been added to accommodate new Imaging Module features. Set default folder, a default scale for single images, determine how PDFs are launched, and more.

Show Thumbnails

You can now view thumbnails for images in the Imaging Module. This can be set on a category by category basis (there’s no need to see thumbnails for statements after all) by setting the usage in Definitions: Image Categories.

Additional Information

If you are ready to take the leap into Open Dental Imaging, first review the following links to ensure you have everything you need.

As always, if you have any questions about these or other features, please contact us. Our technicians are happy to help!

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