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Tips & Tricks #31

In this Tips & Tricks post we’re focusing on reports already built into Open Dental. You know what you want – we’ll help you find it! 

I want to find patients with a specific procedure treatment planned.

Let’s say you’re looking for patients who have a crown (D2740) treatment planned but haven’t scheduled an appointment yet. We can find these patients using the Treatment Finder.

In the Treatment Finder, enter the procedure code in the upper right, set any additional filters (such as Clinic or including patients without insurance), then click Refresh. Patients who meet the filter criteria and have D2740 treatment planned will list.

This report can also:

  • Show you all patients with unscheduled treatment.
  • Help you fill your schedule and get outstanding treatment completed.
  • Help you generate end-of-year letters for patients with benefits remaining.

I want to know how many crowns I did last year (or any other procedure).

Find out how many completed ceramic crowns you did last year by using the Procedures Report.

Enter your date range, Group by Procedure Code, and enter the procedure in the bottom left. Then click OK to generate the report.
You can see how many crowns you completed, the average fee (office fee), and the total.

Alternatively, you can view a list of patients who had the crown completed instead by checking Individual Procedures instead.

This report can also:

  • Show you a list of procedures completed today – or in any date range.
  • The number of procedures completed today – or in any date range.
  • The average fee billed for procedures completed.
  • Tell you the most popular procedures you completed last year – or in any date range.

I want to know which insurance carriers still owe me money.

Use the Outstanding Insurance Claims Report to see which carriers to call up and check on for payment.

By default, the report displays all outstanding claims 30 days and older.

This report can also:

  • Keep you updated on the status of a claim by using Custom Claim Tracking.
  • Display the carrier/plan information and patient/subscriber information. (This allows you to contact insurance quickly without leaving the report.)
  • Tell you how old the oldest outstanding claim is.

I want to know which patients still need a claim sent.

There are two reports to help you with this one.

The Claims Not Sent Report tells you which patients had a claim created, but not sent.

The Procedures Not Billed to Insurance Report tells you which patients had procedures completed, but no claim created.

Our team of experts is here to help you find the information you need to run your practice. Give us a call or chat with us to answer all your report questions.

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