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Managing Your Patient Accounts Part 2: Adjustments and Account Procs Quick Add


There are many moving parts to managing your patient accounts. You want to find ways to improve your efficiency while making sure things aren’t slipping through the cracks, and this post is here to help!

This Part 2 post will discuss some super efficient ways to handle Adjustments, and quick ways to chart retail items you may sell in your practice using the Account Procs Quick Add feature.

1. Add adjustments to multiple procedures, all at once!

Watch the QuickTip Video: Adding Multiple Adjustments

Sales Tax:

  • If dental treatments are taxed, you will need to set up sales tax (see more on how to set that up here).
  • Once set up, simply highlight the procedures as they are completed, and select Sales Tax from the Adjustments drop-down.

Multiple Adjustments:

  • In the patient’s account, select multiple procedures you want to apply an adjustment to (a collection adjustment, or a % discount you want to apply to several procedures that have already been set complete).
  • Click and drag, or hold the control key while clicking to select multiple procedures.
  • Click the Adjustment button.

TECH TIP: We recommend all adjustments have procedures attached.
You can do this in one of two ways:
a) Select the procedure, then clicking the Adjustment button
b) Open the adjustment that’s already been created, click attach, then select a procedure.
(Finance charges and payment plan adjustments are not attached to procedures).

When an adjustment is attached to a procedure, it looks like this:


2. Use the Account Procs Quick Add feature to quickly chart retail items you sell to your patients

If you sell retail items like mouthwash, electric toothbrushes, whitening kits or other products in your practice, we’d like you to meet the Account Procs Quick Add feature!

Follow these simple steps to quickly charge any retail items to your patient’s account.

1. Create a procedure code for each retail item (Lists > Procedure Codes > +Add) See more instructions here.

2. Add a fee for that item in your office fee schedule (List > Procedure Codes > bring up fee schedule) See more instructions here.
Watch our new Quick Tips Video:
Adding a Fee Schedule (and entering/editing fees)

3. Add your Account Procs Quick Add Items (Setup > Definitions > Account Procs Quick Add). See step-by-step instructions in the online manual here.

4. To quickly charge the retail item to your patient’s account, select the item from the Account module Quick Procs tool bar button.

Stay tuned for Part 3 in the series, which will cover Repeating Charges, Recurring Charges, and Payment Plans (both patient and insurance payment plans).

In case you missed it, here’s a link to Part 1 in this series: Managing Your Patient Accounts Part 1: All About ClaimsManaging Your Patient Accounts Part 1: All About Claims

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  1. We are new to office we need training on usage of the software ie; entering the patient, using it to send bills to insurance company.

    • Hi Zolita, welcome to the Open Dental Software community! Please feel free to contact us at +1 503.363.5432 to schedule a training. Thank you.

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