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Customizing Forms & Documents: Open Dental Sheets

Your practice uses a variety of documents – Open Dental calls these Sheets.

Creating and using sheets in Open Dental is a great way to make your office truly paperless. Some sheets like routing or deposit slips are used for daily processes. Others like treatment plans, excuse letters, and billing statements are used to provide information to your patients. Patient registration, medical history, HIPAA and other consent forms collect data from your patients.

Open Dental provides a variety of sheet templates that can be copied and customized for your practice. Once customized, use the Kiosk function to have your patients fill out forms on a computer in your practice, or turn your patient registration, medical history or other sheets into Web Forms that patients complete and submit online. Retrieve and import the forms into Open Dental, and the information becomes part of the patient’s record.

If you’re ready to start adding or customizing sheets for use in your practice, use these resources to guide your efforts.

Our user manual provides a step-by-step guide to adding or customizing sheets.

If you like to watch and learn, view our playlist on sheets.

If you need help troubleshooting a specific issue, feel free to give us a call.

Sheets can be used as part of automation to improve process consistency! Read more about that here.


If your forms are complex, or you just don’t have time to work on them, you can take advantage of our forms design service.

The hourly rate for sheet design services can be found on our fees page.  – a typical form costs between $200-$300, but we will create an exact quote for you. Please complete this online form to submit a request.


Creating and using sheets in Open Dental is a great way to improve process consistency, streamline operations, and improve the patient experience. Take advantage of available resources, and give us a call if you need help troubleshooting a specific issue.

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