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New Ortho Features in 22.2

If your practice offers orthodontic services, we have some exciting new features to show you in version 22.2! To learn more about all the other ortho features Open Dental has to offer, see our previous post on Ortho Features.


Before using the new features, your office will need to update to the latest version of Open Dental. Once that’s done, there are some initial setup steps to add a list of Ortho Hardware Specs and Ortho Prescriptions. You will also want to enable the Show Ortho button and tab in the Chart module. This is done from Setup, Ortho.

Ortho Hardware

In the Ortho Setup window, click Setup, next to Ortho Hardware Specs, to add hardware specifications for orthodontia used by your office (i.e., brackets, wires, and elastics). You can even color-code the hardware so that it’s easily recognizable from the tooth chart.

Ortho Prescriptions

Once Ortho Hardware Specs have been set up, you can create Ortho prescriptions to make charting hardware a breeze. From Ortho Setup, click Setup next to Ortho Prescriptions. Attach Hardware Specs to specific teeth or tooth ranges. Ortho Prescriptions work as a favorites list of Ortho Hardware Specs, already attached to a treatment area, allowing you to chart the Ortho Hardware in fewer clicks.

Ortho Tab

Now that you’ve finished the initial setup, let’s visit the all-new Ortho Tab! From the Chart Module, click Ortho.

Here you’ll find where you can chart the Ortho Prescriptions and Hardware you just added. The Ortho tab also features an “Ortho Mode” that will switch the tooth nomenclature from the default (e.g., Universal) to Palmer and will show the front view of the teeth only.

Charting Ortho Prescriptions

Click the Prescriptions button to quickly chart hardware for your patient.

Charting Single Hardware

To add hardware not in a prescription, select a tooth (or multiple teeth) on the tooth chart and click Add Single. Select the hardware items you’d like to add from here and click OK to chart.

For a quick guide on charting ortho hardware, click the thumbnail below to view an infographic with helpful links!

Infographic explaining how to use ortho hardware and prescriptions in Open Dental

Hardware Tab and Tooth Chart

Once hardware is charted, it will be added to the list in the Hardware tab and graphics will show on the tooth chart (as long as Show Graphics is enabled).

Ortho Chart Tab

Click the Ortho Chart tab to quickly view previous Ortho Chart notes. Double-click anywhere in the Ortho Chart tab area to open the Ortho Chart window and create a new Ortho Chart entry.

With these exciting new Ortho features, your practice can now more effectively chart and manage ortho treatment. As always, if you have questions, our support team is here to help.

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