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Software Update: Stable Version 20.4 Highlights

Version 20.4 has been released as Stable, implementing 21 requested features and enhancements.

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Updated 7/26/2022

2021 CDT Codes are Here!

2021 CDT codes are available in versions 20.3.48 or 20.4.28 and greater. Watch this video on how to update these codes. If you need to update your software, there’s a link at the end to that video as well.

Zoom Tool

If you are using higher resolution monitors, the Zoom tool makes buttons and text in Open Dental larger.

QuickBooks Online Integration

Connect your QuickBooks Online account with Open Dental. This is helpful if your office is using Deposits.

Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) Bridge Expanded

Open Dental has expanded the bridges to the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) for various states.

  • The PDMP bridge was released for customers in Illinois in a previous version, but now any state can use it. When launched, PDMP will open in a browser with information for the selected patient.
  • Practices in California, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Utah, and Washington, go to Setup > Program Links > PDMP, then check to enable the bridge.
    Practices in other states, enable the Appriss bridge instead.

Display an indicator on an appointment if insurance has not been marked as verified

You can now add an indicator to your Appointment Views that will display on appointments if insurance needs to be verified for the patient.

To use this feature:

  • Complete Insurance Verification Setup
  • Record dates for ‘Eligibility Last Verified’ and ‘Benefits Last Verified’ in the patient’s insurance plan as insurance and benefits are verified.
  • Add InsVerify[V] to your appointment views (see how in the video below).
  • If not verified within the time period set in setup, a ‘V’ will display on the appointment, and the appointment bubble will display ‘Verify Insurance’.
  • When using Automated Messaging (eReminders/eConfirmations, Automated Thank-Yous, and Arrivals), the [NameF] field will use the patient’s preferred name or the first name if no preferred name exists.
  • eClipboard: Treatment Plans can be added directly to the check-in checklist.
  • Patient-specific time patterns can be set for recall appointments using the Time Pattern Override box.
    • In the patient’s family module, double-click on a recall item in the Recall Grid to open the Edit Recall window.
    • In the edit recall window, enter a time pattern override for the recall appointment for this specific patient. / is assistant time, X is provider time. Do this for any patient that needs a longer (or shorter) recall appointment
    • When you make this patient’s next recall appointment, it will use the time pattern (appointment length) you’ve specified.
      See more detail on our recall manual page.
  • Multiple downgrades can be set for a procedure code based on criteria (for example, a different downgrade for molars v.s second molars on crowns).
  • Adding production to Dynamic Payment Plans is now even easier. Instead of separate buttons to add Production or Adjustments, a single “Add” button will pull up available production (procedures and adjustments) that can be added to an existing payment plan.
  • Lab case instructions can now use Auto Notes as well as Quick Notes.
  • Exam notes added to the perio exams. Be sure to add an exam before entering notes.
  • Right-click on a procedure that’s part of procedures that are grouped for multiple visits. When “View Multivisit Group(s) is clicked, a Multi Visit Group window will display the procedures that are grouped for multiple visits.
  • Show Automated Commlogs option can be unchecked to hide commlog entries that have been automatically generated (e.g. Created by the Recall List or Web Sched). This can be unchecked in the chart module show tab, Account Module show tab, and Edit Appointment window. If unchecked in one area, commlogs will be hidden in all areas. This checkbox is user-specific and will not affect other users.
Uncheck “All patient payment types” then select all payment types except Income Transfers
  • Treatment Plan “appts” Display Field for appts  shows U  for any procedure that is associated with an unscheduled appointment. (Procedures attached to an appointment show an X.)
  • Medication Merge tool enhanced to allow merging generic medications into brand medications.
  • If you use Trios 3Shape as your digital imaging software, there is now a bridge to this program. Follow the steps on our 3Shape Bridge manual page.
  • The Update Carrier tool has been improved to better handle carriers sharing an electronic ID.

We are continuing to develop exciting features, many of them requested through our Feature Request process. If you need help with the features highlighted here or with anything else in the program, please reach out to our support team.

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