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Employee Spotlight: Josiah

Employee Spotlight

There are always those employees who consistently exceed expectations, producing outstanding work and setting a benchmark for their peers. Our social media highlights many of these employees with Employee Spotlight posts. However, we have some rockstar employees who continue to go above and beyond. To acknowledge their exceptional work, we are launching a new Employee Spotlight blog series.

Today, we are delighted to announce that the honor of our first spotlight goes to Josiah, whose hard work and dedication have truly made a difference in our organization.

Just for Fun

What is your favorite thing to do after a long day at work? 

Playtime with my puppy or a good movie and puppy cuddles.

Would you survive a zombie apocalypse? Why or why not?

Alone? Not at all!

With a few people it is possible… put into a situation where there are really no other options… I have seen myself and others accomplish quite impressive things!

What do you wish you were an expert on?

Cooking and baking. I’m not bad at it… just working on getting better and enjoying it more.

What is one of your secret talents? 

Pretty good with needlework.

Life at Open Dental

What is your role at Open Dental and how long have you been here?

My official title is Tech Support Analyst II.

The roles that I fill are numerous, though. Most know me as the lead Customer Training Coordinator. I also complete on-site trainings, online trainings, teach internal classes, and other things that pop up from time to time.

What has been your favorite part about working at Open Dental? 

The ability to diversify my work day/week/month with different roles and responsibilities.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to a new Open Dental customer?

There are a lot of resources available on top of support calls that can help you learn about the program. Ask a tech about our “?” feature and our webinars.

What is your favorite Open Dental feature? 

I would say one of them is the “?” feature that we have but the Sheets feature is pretty cool as well! You can create such a wide variety of forms and keep them all in one place.

It is clear that Josiah is a valuable asset to our team. His dedication, hard work, and positive attitude have not gone unnoticed. We are lucky to have someone with his skills and expertise working with us, and we hope to see him continue to thrive in his position.

We encourage everyone to take the time to recognize the contributions of their colleagues, as it is important to acknowledge the hard work of those around us.

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