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Mastering the Manage Module

Mastering the Manage Module

The Manage Module is a place to manage non-patient related information. There is a lot that happens within the Manage Module, but in this post, we’ll focus on the more popular features including managing time cards, sending batch claims, monthly patient billing, and backups.

Manage Module

Time Cards

Employees can use Open Dental to clock in & out for the day and for breaks.

Manage Module: Time Cards

First, add each employee in Lists > Employees.
Next, go Setup > Security. Open the user, and make sure the Employee for Timecards is linked to the correct employee. If you need to add the employee as a new Open Dental user, refer to our online manual.
Then determine what Permissions and Security Settings you want to allow employees when it comes to Time Cards. It is important that all employees have their own Open Dental log in credentials.

Employees can Clock In for the day by clicking ‘Clock in’. Then, can clock out for:

  • Home: End of the day.
  • Lunch: An unpaid lunch break.
  • Break: A paid break.

The current clock-in status of an employee shows in the employee grid.

Ready to run payroll? Just click ‘Manage’


From here you can calculate overtime hours, print the hours, or export them to ADP.

Other useful Time Card links:

Sending Batch Claims

In the Daily section, click the ‘Send Claims’ button.
The Insurance Claims window displays claims and preauths waiting to send, and a history of sent claims.

Manage Module: Send Claims

Use the top section to send claims as a batch.

  • Claims will have a valid Date of Service and a status of ‘Waiting to Send’.
  • Preauths will have a date of 01/01/0001 and a status of ‘Waiting to Send’.
  • Highlight what you want to send, then click ‘Send eClaims’. All claims will be validated and sent at once.

Use the bottom section to view a history of sent claims.

  • Each action taken on a claim will list (i.e. if you print a claim twice, it will list twice).
  • Double-click to view a history of a claim, including the message sent electronically to insurance.

Monthly Patient Billing

In the Daily section, click the ‘Billing’ button.

The Billing Options window is used to generate a list of patients to send statements to.

Manage Module: Billing

Select your criteria on the left, add any notes using Dunning Messages, then click Create List.


Statements can be printed and mailed or sent electronically using a third party.

Other useful links:


In the Daily Section, click the ‘Backup’ button.

We can’t stress the importance of backups enough! Not only is it required for HIPAA-compliance, but it’s also a critically important step to safeguard your practice in the event of data loss.

Manage Module: Backup

The Backup Tool can be used to make manual backups, restore backed up data, and archive old data.

For resources on backups see:


Have questions about the Manage Module or need troubleshooting help? Get in touch with us!

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