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Software Update: Stable Version 17.2 Highlights

We are excited to announce a software update: Version 17.2 has now been released as Stable. 29 features implemented in this version were requested by users like you!


Some noteworthy enhancements in v17.2 include….

Mobile Web
  • View appointments by operatories.
  • Add, edit, move and delete appointments in your appointment schedule.
  • Set appointment and confirmation status, appointment type, and appointment notes.
Web Sched New Patient Appointment

Option to allow parents or legal guardians to schedule a minor’s Web Sched New Patient Appointment.

Substitution Codes/Downgrades

If you have specific insurance plans that downgrade specific codes, you can set up custom downgrades by insurance plan using the Substitution Codes button in the Edit Insurance Plan window, in the Other Ins Info tab.

Task Reminders
  • Change any task to a reminder task type, and vice versa.
  • Reminder tasks pop up when they are due.
  • New option to set a one-time task reminder. Task Reminders
Setup Wizard

For practices setting up a brand new database, the setup wizard can help with the customization of basic features.

Keep voting on those Feature Requests for features you need 🙂
26 more features have been implemented in our Beta Version 17.3, and we’re already hard at work on v17.4!

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