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Software Update: Stable Version 22.3 Highlights

Version 22.3 has been released as Stable, implementing several new features including 11 features requested by our users.

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2023 CDT Codes have been released
They are available in versions 22.2.43 or 22.3.14 and greater. We recommend waiting until after you’ve seen your last patient of 2022, to prevent any 2023 codes from accidentally being sent on claims.

Check out our latest post on preparing for the new year in Open Dental to finish the year strong and hit the ground running in 2023.

Enable automatic download of Web Forms
In Web Form Setup, determine if Web Forms are allowed to be automatically downloaded. Patient forms that match an existing patient record (first name, last name, and DOB) will be automatically downloaded. If no match is found, the Web Form will need to be manually retrieved.

eReminders and Automated Thank-You Messages can now allow patients to add the appointment to their calendar
When you use the [AddToCalendar] tag in your eReminder or Automated Thank-You Rule, patients will be able to choose to add the appointment to their calendar.
NOTE: You must be signed up for eConfirmations to use this tag. An alert will display when the [AddToCalendar] tag is used when not signed up for eConfirmations.

Exclude days for eConfirmations
You can now restrict eConfirmation texts from sending out on specified days. For example, weekends or holidays can be excluded in eConfirmation Exclusion Days.

The initial Opt-In text message can be customized with the practice name.
Add your practice name to the opt-in text message.

View patient images in Open Dental Mobile.
New menu option in Open Dental Mobile to view patient images. Find the patient, then click the image to view.

Appointment Views can display an icon when the family has a balance.
Edit your Appointment View to include the HasFamilyBalance Appointment View field. A $ will display in the appointment when the family has a balance (regardless of pending insurance).

Net Production can be added to the Appointment Bubble.
The Appointment Bubble now includes Net Production as an available display field.

Print appointments in landscape.
Landscape mode is now an option when printing Appointments. This is helpful if you are printing many operatories on one page.

Preference to Zero Out Write-offs.

A Preference can be set to default all insurance plans to zero out write-offs when either the annual max, or when age or frequency limitations are met. Go to Setup > Preferences, then Family – Insurance.

Alternatively, this can be set at the Insurance Plan level for only those plans where you want it to apply.

  • When Annual Max is set to Yes, write-offs for insurance estimates are zeroed out when the annual max is met.
  • When Aging or Frequency is set to Yes, write-offs are zeroed out when age or frequency limitation is met.

No Payment Claims

This version has two new features to make receiving zero-dollar claim payments easier.

  • If you send insurance claims but do not receive the assignment of benefits (i.e., the insurance pays the patient directly), there is a new preference to automatically mark these claims as received.
    Go to Setup > Preferences, then Account – Insurance.
  • Quickly receive multiple claims and preauthorizations as $0 payments and $0 write-offs in the Outstanding Insurance Claims report. Simply highlight the claims, then click Zero Claims.

Insurance Estimates Deleted from Unsent Procedures When Insurance is Dropped

When an Insurance Plan is dropped, all unsent procedures will have their insurance estimates automatically deleted. No need to manually delete the estimate or mark “Do Not Bill Ins”.

A few new Sheets-related features were released.

  • A new output text field for lab case has been added, so LabCaseNum can be added to Lab Slip sheets.
  • Sheets with a SigPractice field can be signed with the provider’s electronic signature stamp.

A Print button has been added to Chart Module toolbar for progress notes. If printing for a specific date range, select that date range in the Show tab, then click Print.

Ready to Update and get these new features?

We are continuing to develop exciting features, many of them requested through our Feature Request process. If you need help with any of the features highlighted here or with anything else in the program, please reach out to our support team.

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