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Keys to Open Dental Success

keys to success

Congratulations! Whether you’ve taken the first step of selecting Open Dental Software as your Practice Management Software, or you’ve been using Open Dental for years, we’re here to help make your journey of practice growth and change a rewarding one!

The journey starts with a single step, but the subsequent steps are just as important. Here are a few Keys to Success that will make a significant impact on your Open Dental experience.

Use your resources to help you along the way

Increase efficiency with time-saving features

  • eServices: eReminders/eConfirmations, integrated texting, web forms, and more help you communicate efficiently and effectively with your patients. Many eServices help automate repetitive tasks.
  • Real time eligibility verification.
  • E-claims using the clearinghouse of your choice.
  • Automation Tools: streamline and automate processes to boost productivity, prevent errors, and make your practice operations efficient and consistent.
  • Batch processes: send batch claims, Electronic EOB’s (ERA 835’s) and receive batch claim payments for increased efficiency.
  • Robust reporting: Loads of built-in reports and available queries provide access to the numbers that matter most.

Get access to all the latest features

Hundreds of new features and enhancements are released each year! Be sure you’re getting all the latest tools with frequent software updates.

Be part of the progress

Open Dental is Powered by YOU! We are committed to producing a product that meets our customers’ needs, and your Feature Requests play an important role in our development process. We have three to four major software updates released each year, and each release typically includes between 25 and 60 features that were requested by users like you!

Safeguard your data

Make sure you have a comprehensive backup strategy to prevent data loss, which can be devastating to your practice.

Continue to learn and grow

Your practice doesn’t stay stagnant. As you grow and add or transition staff in your practice, make sure your staff is efficient and productive by utilizing all the available learning and training resources to get staff up to speed quickly and properly. It’s also important for them to receive training by your in-practice staff on the correct office processes and procedures as they use the tools available in the software to their fullest potential. 

No matter where you are in your Open Dental journey, we’re in this together, and are here to help you be successful. If you need help, please ask!


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