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Oh, the Many Online Resources!

At Open Dental, our commitment extends beyond the powerful, flexible software you use. We’re committed to providing a variety of resources so you can equip yourself with the knowledge and support you need to become a successful Open Dental user. In our last post, we introduced the wide variety of learning resources that are there to help our users learn all aspects of the software. In this post, you’ll learn more about all the online resources that are available. We encourage you to get connected with our communities, interact with other users, and stay informed on the issues that matter most.

Online Resources:

Supportive Online Communities:

For frequent updates on all things Open Dental, along with informative and downright enjoyable content, join our online communities:


User Forums:

Ever wonder how other Open Dental Users are tackling unusual situations or requirements? Want to get more support for your Feature Request? Join the conversation on one of several Open Dental User Forums. Go to and click on Forum. Sign up, and start learning/sharing! is a community website and forum created so that No Dentist Will Ever Have to Practice Solo Again®. This site offers everything from continuing education courses, a free monthly magazine, podcasts and posts from industry leaders, and hundreds of discussions on everything from case acceptance to real world use tips in Open Dental. Register today to join over 230,000 registered dental professionals on their forums!

Open Dental Users Facebook Group:

The Open Dental Users Facebook group was started by Nomi Waters and is co-run by Kevin Rossen, Founder of Divergent Dental Resources. It’s a thriving online community of Open Dental users who share their experiences, best practices, and real world tips & tricks. This is also a great place to gain support for a feature request you’d like implemented.

User Newsletter:

Distributed several times each year, our user newsletter contains announcements, updates on new features, software tips & tricks, and more. If you’re not already receiving our user newsletter, you can subscribe here. You can also view past issues here.

Our Blog:

open dental software blogGet timely and informative posts that help you use the tools available in Open Dental to safeguard your data, manage recall, improve patient retention, boost operating efficiency, and grow your practice. Sign up in the upper left corner of this page to receive email notifications of new posts.

You’re part of a Community!

When you choose Open Dental as your practice management solution, you become part of a community. We are committed to providing the resources and connections you need to manage and grow your practice.


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