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Software Update: Stable Version 17.4 Highlights

SOFTWARE UPDATE: Version 17.4 has been released as Stable.

49 enhancements & new features implemented in this version were requested by users like you!

Some noteworthy items in version 17.4 include:


More ASAP appointment enhancements
  • Planned, unscheduled, and recall appointments can now be added to the ASAP list by checking the ASAP box in the Edit Appointment window.
  • Send customized Web Sched ASAP messages by text* or email.
  • A new Web Sched ASAP Alert notifies users about appointments scheduled via Web Sched ASAP.
    *Text messages require Integrated Texting.
 eServices enhancements
  • New Web Sched Notify feature Introduced.
    • When a patient books a Recall, New Patient or ASAP appointment using Web Sched, Open Dental displays a confirmation message on the screen, then sends an automated verification of the appointment by text*, email, or both (default).
    • Message template can be customized by clinic.
  • Aggregated eConfirmation and eReminder messages (for a family) can now be customized.
  • You can now send an unlimited number of eReminders per appointment.
  • Patient Portal enhancements including automated email invitations to the portal with 1-time use passwords.
    *Text messages require Integrated Texting.
New Open Dental and Transworld Systems Inc (TSI) Collections Interface to maximize your cash flow

collectionsTSI and Open Dental have collaborated to create an integrated collections interface in the Manage module. Once you’ve completed your setup and determined what services you will utilize, TSI takes care of the rest to maximize your cash flow! If you’re considering outsourcing your collections, be sure to read our blog post: “5 Questions You Should Ask your Collections Agency. Read more in our manual here.


eRx – DoseSpot Integration

DoseSpot, an internet-based secure ePrescribing system, now integrates with Open Dental using a program link. DoseSpot offers two-way medication syncing and includes integration with Lexicomp Online for Dentistry.

Features include:

  • An intuitive, easy-to-use interface.
  • Access to Lexicomp Online for Dentistry, a database of dental-specific drug information.
  • Two-way medication syncing.
  • Notifications for pending prescriptions and refills for the logged-on provider.
  • Proxy clinicians.
  • Surescripts and Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS) certified.
Unfinalized Payments Report changes
  • The Unfinalized Payments Report is now located in the Reports drop-down menu.
  • If there are unfinalized payments, the drop-down will indicate the number of unfinalized payments, like Unfinalized Payments: 3.
  • Filter the report by Payment Type, Clinic, or Carrier.
  • Right-click to select Open EOB or Delete EOB for batch payments, or select Go to Account to finalize payments on individual claims.
  • Print or export the list of unfinalized insurance payments.
Discount Plan-related enhancements
  • Discount Plans now show other subscribers on the same discount plan.
  • Go to Lists, Discount Plans to see the list of discount plans with number of subscribers. Open the discount plan to see the list of subscribers.
    (New Discount Plan Report coming in version 18.1.)
Appointment-related enhancements:
Security-related enhancements
  • The Security Window (Setup, Security) has a new look! Users are now shown in one tab, User Groups in another.
  • The Users tab still displays permissions for each user, but to make changes to user group permissions, go to the User Groups tab.
  • Users can now be assigned to multiple user groups. Set up smaller groups of permissions and assign them as needed for a more flexible way to manage access to different parts of the software.
Other enhancements:
  • Pulpectomy graphic for primary teeth shows on the Graphical Tooth Chart.
  • Electronic eligibility requests can now pull benefit information for non-subscriber (family members of subscribers).
  • New Medicaid COB rule for Medicaid plans that are the secondary insurance for a patient.
  • Add procedure code to Rx so that code automatically prints on prescriptions for controlled substances (to comply with laws related to prescribing controlled substances).
  • Adjustments can be added to multiple procedures.
  • Procedures attached to preauthorizations can be deleted from either the chart or treatment plan module, without deleting the preauth.
  • Apteryx images can be saved directly into Open Dental Images module (must be signed up with Apteryx for XV Web Service).

For a complete list of all the new features & enhancements, see the version 17.4 page on our website.

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