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Tips & Tricks #27

In this tips & tricks post, we will discuss how to resubmit a claim that was partially paid, how to record a patient’s gender identity, and how to find an appointment when it’s been accidentally deleted.

How do I resubmit a claim that was partially paid by insurance?

When insurance pays on part of a claim, you need to 1) Resubmit the unpaid portion for payment and 2) Process payment on the rest of the claim. You don’t want to process a partial payment and leave the claim open, as this overinflates/misrepresents the amount insurance still owes by displaying the entire claim amount on the Oustanding Insurance Report. You also need to resubmit only the unpaid procedure(s) for payment. Let’s walk through the quick steps to do this:

  • Open the claim.
  • Select the procedure that was not paid for, and click Split Claim. This will split out the unpaid procedure onto it’s own claim.
  • Process payment on the rest of the original claim as usual and finalize the payment, which marks the claim as received.
  • In the patient’s account, you will see the claim for the procedure you just split out. Open this claim, click the Resend button, and hit Send to resubmit the claim for payment.

How do I record a patient’s gender identity?

In the Edit Patient Information window, there are three options for gender: Male, Female, and Unknown.

These options mimic the options available on the ADA Claim Form. This way Open Dental can automatically mark the corresponding field on printed or electronic claims.

If you would like to also record a patient’s Gender Identity, use the Public Health tab in the bottom right of the Edit Patient Information window.

Note: If the Public Health tab is not visible in your system, go to Setup > Advanced Setup > Show Features. Then check the box for Public Health.

I accidentally deleted an appointment. How do I find out which one it was?

If an appointment was deleted, use the Audit Trail to find the patient and re-create the appointment.

In Tools > Audit Trail, change the Permission field to AppointmentEdit. This permissions lists both appointments that have had edits made and appointments that were deleted.

Use the Log Text column to see what changed or if the appointment was deleted completely. Note the patient name, procedures, and appointment date and time, then re-create the appointment.

Similarly, if you do not see the appointment listed, it may have been unintentionally moved. Change the Permission field to AppointmentMove to find any appointments that were rescheduled or moved.

We love sharing tips & tricks with you, and hope these will help save you time and effort! If you have a question or need to troubleshoot an issue, we are here for you.

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