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Software Update: Stable Version 22.4 Highlights

Version 22.4 has been released as Stable, implementing several new features including 12 features requested by users.

Associate Blockouts to Appointment Types

Block Scheduling allows your practice to pre-determine which type of appointments can be scheduled where. For example, you may reserve afternoons for restorative work, or keep at least one time slot open each day for emergency patients. We have always used Blockouts to show a visual indicator on the schedule for these times. Now, you can set it to only allow users to schedule specific types of appointments.

To enforce Block Scheduling, set up Blockout Types, then set up Appointment Types.

In the example above, New Patient Appointment Types can only be scheduled on New Patient Blockout Types or anywhere there is no Blockout.

Searching for appointment openings is now even easier. Once you’ve created your appointment, attached it to an Appointment Type, and it’s on the Pinboard, simply click Search to find openings on the allowed Blockout Types – no need to open the Advanced Search!

New Appointment Delete Permission

The new Appointment Delete Security Permission allows a user to delete existing scheduled appointments.

Users who have the Appointment Edit permission will be granted the Appointment Delete permission by default since this permission was split from Appointment Edit. Users without the Appointment Edit permission will not be granted the new permission by default.

Audit Trail Tracks ERA Actions

The Audit Trail now tracks more detailed actions after a user enters the ERA window, and when receiving an ERA, or closing the ERA.

These display under the InsPayCreate permission.

Prompt to Create Claim Export Path in a Claim

When a workstation does not have the path required for clearinghouse setup, Open Dental will warn a user in the claim window.

Previously, when the path did not exist, it had to be created from the Clearinghouse Edit window. Now, the required path can be created directly from the error message, allowing the user to quickly move on to the claim.

Payer ID List Automatically Updated when Using DentalXChange

Practices using DentalXChange (ClaimConnect) as their default clearinghouse will automatically have their Payer ID List updated in Open Dental. The Payer ID list will update once a week using the OpenDentalService.

Ability to Hide Orthodontic Hardware

Now, when a patient has completed their orthodontic treatment, their ortho hardware does not need to be deleted. Instead, it can be hidden.

From the Chart Module, Ortho tab, select hardware from the Hardware tab and click Hide, and click OK when prompted.

The selected hardware no longer appears on the odontogram. It will also be noted as (Hidden) in the Hardware grid.

New Grids for Sheets

Users can select specific treatment planned or completed procedures to include on Patient Forms, Consent Forms, Referral Letters, and Patient Letters.

To add the ability to select procedures, add either the ProcsNoFee or ProcsWithFee Grid.

When generating a sheet where the ProcsNoFee or ProcsWithFee grid is added, a prompt will display for users to select the desired procedures to add to the sheet.

Once selected, click OK to generate the sheet. The procedures display as a grid on the form.

See Select Procedures on the Fill Sheet manual page for more details.

Task Search

The Task Search has been enhanced.

  • Right-click a task to quickly navigate to a patient (patnum) or open a referenced task (tasknum).
  • Certain words can be excluded from a search to narrow results. 

Text Messages Include Delivery Status

Messages sent to patients now include delivery status, allowing practices to verify that messages are reaching patients.

Web Sched Users can Track Incoming Clicks by Unique Link

If your practice is promoting online scheduling with a specific campaign, you can track success by asking your IT to enable UTM Tracking on each unique link. See Other Options on Web Sched Advanced for details.

We are continuing to develop exciting features, many of them requested through our Feature Request process. If you need help with any of the features highlighted here or with anything else in the program, please reach out to our support team.

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