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Software Update: Stable Version 23.2 Highlights

Open Dental’s latest stable version 23.2 has been released as stable, implementing four features requested by users. Join us as we highlight the features in this version.

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2024 CDT Codes and ADA Claim Form

Available in version 23.2.27 or greater. Click our infographic below to learn more.

New Security Permissions

New permission for View Appointment Audit Trail. A highly voted-on feature, this new permission allows staff to use the Appointment Audit Trail to research appointment changes without access to the full audit trail. Users who already have the Audit Trail permission will automatically be granted the View Appointment Audit Trail permission when updating to version 23.2.

New permission for Archived Patient Select. This permission is enabled for all users by default. When enabled, users are allowed to select patients marked as Archived.

Frequency Limitations

Frequency Limitations have been overhauled to allow for additional customization. The Frequency Limitations preference categories are now retired and replaced with Code Groups – which are entirely customizable!

Default procedures are added to Code Groups when you update to version 23.2, but they may differ from what was set up in Frequency Limitation Preferences if your office had customized these, so take a look at the Proc Codes assigned to each group and double-click a group to edit as needed. Keep an eye out for our blog for a detailed post on how to set up Code Groups and all the changes around Frequency Limitations.

Procedures Not Billed To Insurance Report Enhancement

The Procedures Not Billed To Insurance report now has the option to filter specific procedure codes. Choose to see only specific procedures in the list or to exclude those procedures from the list. You can enter single procedures or multiple. You can also click on a column to change how the data is sorted.

eClipboard Enhancement

Quickly access the patient’s check-in checklist by right-clicking an appointment and selecting the Show eClipboard QR option, then scan the unique QR code for the appointment. This bypasses entering the patient’s first name, last name, and birth date, immediately checks them in, and takes them to the Check-in Checklist.

Automation Enhancement

A new trigger has been added for ApptComplete, allowing specific actions to be triggered for newly completed appointments. See more on our Automation page.

Task Search Enhancement

When searching tasks, use quotations to search for or exclude exact phrases.

New Bridges

We have several new bridges to third-party software programs.

  • Practice Booster – Practice Booster provides dental practices with insurance and coding assistance, as well as other practice resources. This bridge links to their online member portal.
  • Jazz Classic Imaging – An imaging software comprised of three separate bridges. One for taking images, one for viewing the patient’s last exam, and one for syncing patient information.
  • Shining 3D Bridge – An imaging software.

Support is always here for you! Online chat can get simple questions answered right away. For troubleshooting or to remote-connect, please give us a call.

Information in this post reflects features available in Open Dental Version 23.2. For the most up-to-date information, please visit our manual.

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