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Questions & Answers with an Open Dental Expert: Software Engineer

Open Dental is a practice management software packed full of features, and as a result, we have a team packed full of experts. In this blog series, we’ll interview Open Dental Experts with various specialties. In this post, we interview Brittany, a Software Engineer.

How long have you been with Open Dental and what’s your position?

I have been with Open Dental since January 2020. I started out as an engineering intern while I was still working on my degree. Now I am the Team Lead for our Dev Ops Engineering Team. My team’s focus is eServices, as well as server resource organization. It’s our job to make sure all the moving parts fit together.

What’s your favorite project/feature you’ve worked on?

My favorite project so far has been working on routing all of our traffic in an intelligent way that ensures our customers don’t experience service disruptions or slowness when using eServices. This job allowed me to learn about some pretty powerful tools.

What made you want to become an Engineer?

Engineering was an easy way to combine my love of logic puzzles and collaborative world-building. I love a challenge and working as an Engineer means I have no shortage of those. And my job requires me to work with many different departments to make sure that we’re all working towards the same goal.

What features can we look forward to in Open Dental?

We are working on adding more features to our Automated Messaging system. One, in particular, is the ability to send Web Forms to new patients as soon as they schedule their first appointment at your practice.

Any tips from a Software Engineer for offices using Open Dental?

Definitely using our Web Manual and documentation. Engineering works closely with our Technical Writers to ensure our web manual is as accurate as possible to what the code does. Sometimes Engineers even help write the documentation to ensure nothing gets lost in translation.

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