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Open Dental Marietta Street (Oregon) Campus Progress Update #2

Open Dental Marietta Facility

Open Dental Campus update:

The Open Dental Campus, located on Marietta Street in Salem, Oregon is continuing to grow!

Since the first post about our new ‘Marietta’ campus, we’ve completed ‘Marietta Building A,’ an 8,500 square foot facility that currently houses 67 team members, made up of the Query Team, Conversions Team, and Support Technicians, and completed construction on ‘Marietta Building B’ – more details on that building below.

Our support team continues to grow, and so do our call center hours!

We have continued to add support technicians, and recently expanded our support hours. New support hours include longer hours on Saturday, and new support hours on Sundays. View our call center hours here.

‘Marietta Building B’ Status Update:

‘Marietta Building B,’ a 14,400 square foot facility that can house up to 84 team members is now complete. This is the first 2-story building on the campus. It will house Engineering, Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing & Communications, IT and eServices teams, along with a few support technicians. It also has several conference rooms. The Human Resources team was the first team to relocate on October 26, with other teams to follow over the next few months.

If you’d like to see some aerial drone footage of the campus, click here.

Outside completed Marietta Building B

First floor, ready for occupants!

Second Floor – ready for cubicles and furniture.

Future Developments?

Work has now begun on an eagerly anticipated walking path that will run along the perimeter of the property.

More buildings are planned for the campus. The next building to go up will be ‘Marietta Building C,’ a 12,000 square foot, 2-story building currently in the permit stage. We expect it to be completed in late 2019 for occupation in early 2020.

We are excited to continue to grow into our new spaces, which will allow us to serve you even better. Stay tuned for future updates!

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