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5 Appointment Search Steps to Find the Perfect Opening

appointment search

Your patients have busy lives, and sometimes getting them the care they need means you have to find a slot in your schedule that can squeeze into their hectic week. In this post, we’ll show you how to use the Appointment Search feature in Open Dental to quickly find a time that works for you and your patient.

Before you can put Appointment Search to work for you:
* Set up Providers and Provider Schedules. Reach out if you need help with this!
* Set search time preferences in Setup > Preferences > Appointment General – Calendar Behavior section.
See more info on Search Behavior at the bottom of our Pinboard manual page.

When you’re ready, it takes just 5 easy steps to find that perfect opening in your current appointment view.

  1. Start by adding an appointment to the Pinboard.
  2. Click Search. The yellow Openings in View area will display.
  3. Filter the search by preferred times or providers.
  4. Select the preferred time from the list to quickly move the appointment schedule.
  5. Click and drag the appointment to the preferred time.

Optionally, when searching for available time, click Advanced. Use the Advanced Appointment Search to filter availability further by preferred time, provider, blockout, clinic, or appointment view. Click a result from the list to jump to the preferred date.

Appointment Search

Using the Appointment Search removes the need to click through the schedule day-by-day to find appointment availability.

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to our team anytime.

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