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The experts at Open Dental work hard to ensure our customers have all the information they need to run their office efficiently and successfully. One way we do this is by keeping our webinars and videos up-to-date and relevant to life in your practice. Our YouTube Channel organizes videos by topic and by office responsibilities so your staff can watch the videos most needed for their job. In this post, we’ll share the top 3 most popular videos and playlists, and a bonus mention we think you’ll like.

Our Top Videos

1st Place: Open Dental Basics. Our Basics webinar covers everything you need to know to navigate your basic day with Open Dental. Learn how to navigate Open Dental, add patients, schedule appointments, chart procedures, take payments, and much much more. This video is a must-watch for any Open Dental beginner.

2nd Place: Open Dental Demo. The Open Dental demo is a resource to explain what Open Dental can do, without going into detail. It’s a great resource for those who are still researching options for Practice Management Software.

3rd Place: Clinical Charting I: Entering Treatment. You wouldn’t have patients if they didn’t need treatment. This webinar covers understanding procedure codes in Open Dental and how to efficiently chart them.

Bonus: Find and Run a Query in Open Dental. Our channel includes a number of short 2-3 minute QuickTip videos such as this one that covers how to use queries for additional reporting needs.

Our Top Playlists

1st Place: Introduction and Demos. This playlist is ideal for new users wanting to learn more about what Open Dental is all about and what we offer.

2nd Place: Chart Module. In this playlist, we cover what you need to know about features found in the Chart Module. This includes eRx, entering/charting treatment, entering clinical notes, and customizing your chart view.

3rd Place: Appointments Module. In this playlist, we cover what you need to know about features found in the Appointments Module. This includes setting up operatories, customizing, appointment views, and managing different appointment lists.

Bonus: Lessons for Front Desk or Reception. This playlist is a great resource for your new front-office team members.

Our webinar team is working hard to update and add new video content. If there’s a specific video you’d love to see, comment below! For day-to-day help, reach out to our Support Team, they’re here for you.

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