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Software Update: Stable Version 19.1 Highlights

SOFTWARE UPDATE: Version 19.1 has been released as Stable.

21 requested enhancements & new features were implemented in this software update!

Introducing – the Help System

  • Practices on support can use the ? in the upper right corner of a window to go directly to the related online manual page. This is a great tool for training staff who are new to Open Dental.

For Larger Practices Using Clinics:

  • The Patient Transfer tool allows patient data to be transferred between separate Open Dental databases using the CEMT. Watch the QuickTip Video on this tool here.
  • When using Mobile Web, pharmacy lists can be filtered by clinic.
  • Tasks can be filtered by clinic.

Chart-Related Enhancements:

  • Dynamic Chart Layout feature allows modular customization of the information displayed in the Chart view. Custom layouts can be enabled by any user, and layouts can be exported/imported for sharing between Open Dental users on different databases. Watch the QuickTip Video here.
  • Patient Dashboard feature allows customization of a layout that displays to the right of the screen, no matter what module is selected. Patient Dashboards are assigned at the User Group level so any user in that User Group can enable it. Dashboards can be exported/imported for sharing between Open Dental users on different databases.
    Watch the QuickTip Video here.
  • Commlog Types can now have a color assigned to them for easier visibility.

eServices-Related Enhancements:

  • Practices using Integrated Texting can text all patients on the day’s schedule by right-clicking on an opening in the schedule, and selecting one of the “Text Appointments for Day” options. This is a quick way to notify all patients of an unexpected schedule change (closure due to inclement weather, etc.).
  • Mobile Web users also using DoseSpot will be able to access and use DoseSpot from their mobile devices.
  • Mobile Web operatories show appointment statuses (the colored circles).
  • In the Text Messaging inbox, select “Phone Number” to see texts grouped by phone number. This is useful when you want to see all texts to/from a parent for their children.

Insurance-Related Enhancements

  • Family/Insurance module preference to charge the UCR for non-covered procedures.
    • Global setting to charge UCR and mark procedure as Do Not Bill Ins for non-covered procedures.
    • Exclusions and overrides are set at the insurance plan level.
    • Allowed amounts do not show in the Treatment Plan. An X is displayed in the “Allowed” column, and 100% of the fee goes to the patient balance. The procedure is automatically marked as Do not bill ins.


  • Frequency Limitation for ‘# in 12 months’ is available (calculated using a rolling 12-month period).
  • ERAs can be deleted. See more about ERAs in our online manual here.

Reports Enhancements

  • Procedure Overpaid Report
    Lists procedures that were overpaid by insurance, the patient, a write-off, or an adjustment. This is especially helpful when troubleshooting patient accounts – just click the current patient button.
  • Monthly Production Goal Report
    Reports on provider production goals (that are seen in the Appointment View). Learn more about setting up production goals here.

TECH TIP: Re-order and rename reports to your preference. Go to Reports > Standard > Standard Reports > Setup (upper left corner). Use the Up/Down keys as shown below to move reports around in any section. You can also add favorite reports to your reports sub-menu, or hide reports you don’t use.

Other Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Paysplits can be allocated to Adjustments. Also, see our manual page on revising paysplits.
  • There is a preference to allow each user to set their own Theme:
    • Setup > Miscellaneous > Check “Users can set their own theme”
    • File > User Settings > Select theme. This theme will be used whenever the user is logged in.

We are working on many more exciting new features & enhancements. Remember to submit AND vote on feature requests to let your voice be heard, we’re listening!

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