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Feature Highlight: Automated Messaging

Communicating effectively with your patients is a must. Automated Messaging features in Open Dental can save you time and money by automating many communications that are time- and staff-intensive. Automated Messaging is available if you’re using eServices, and most options require Integrated Texting – one of the best (and most patient-preferred) ways to communicate.


Are your patients missing their appointments? Send them a reminder so they don’t forget they have an appointment coming up. These messages can go out a few days and/or hours before the appointment as a heads up.

Send email reminders for free (if on support), or if using Integrated Texting, send a text message.


Having your staff call patients to confirm appointments can be very time-consuming. Streamline this process by having Open Dental automatically send eConfirmations.

There is an additional per month, per location fee for eConfirmations, however, the fee includes Integrated Texting access. See our fees page for details.

If you’re using eConfirmations, you can also use Arrivals, which allows your office staff to easily communicate with patients who have arrived for their appointment and are waiting outside. See more on this feature below.

Bonus Benefit: When the patient replies to confirm their appointment, the appointment status is automatically updated in the schedule.


The Arrivals feature lets you manage how many patients are in your waiting room area. You will need to be using eConfirmation in order to use this feature. When the eConfirmation message is sent, it will include a link for the patient to use when they arrive. Just right-click on the appointment and send the “come on in” message when you’re ready for the patient.

Bonus Benefit: Are you using the eClipboard app from Open Dental? If so, it will work in conjunction with the Arrivals feature, prompting patients to fill out any paperwork that is still needed before their appointment.

Automated Thank-Yous

When your patient schedules their appointment, send a thank-you message in return. The patient will also be prompted to add the appointment to the calendar on their device, helping them stay on top of their commitment.

Emailing automated thank you messages is free for customers on support. If you’d like to text these messages, sign up for Integrated Texting. Monthly and per text fees will apply.

Bonus Benefit: When the thank you message is sent, Open Dental will automatically save a commlog to the patient’s account.

Patient Portal Invites

Give your patients secure access to their information by utilizing Patient Portal, free to customers on support. You can invite your patients by sending a message before or after their appointment. Patient portal invites are sent via email only at this time.

Patient Portal invites can be sent automatically! Set this up so your patients get an invite to the portal after their appointment is completed to pay any patient portion due (would they have collected this at the practice already?). If you’re using an integrated payment provider, patients won’t even need to log into the portal to make their payment.

The Patient Portal also allows patients to:
> View their appointments, treatment plans, and images you’ve allowed.
> Communicate securely with your practice using WebMail.

General Messages

Want to send a follow-up message after the patient appointment, maybe to invite the patient to leave a review of their experience? Set up General Messages!

General messages can be emailed for free for customers on support. If you’d like to text these messages, sign up for Integrated Texting. Monthly and per text fees will apply.

Do you communicate with patients in several languages?

Create different language versions of your Automated Messaging by clicking the Add Language button when editing the message settings, and entering your translated text.

When you have patients that prefer to receive communications in a language other than English, you can set that in the Edit Patient Information window. If you have created a form or message in Open Dental in their preferred language, that will be used.

TECH TIP: If a language you offer isn’t in the list, add it in Setup, Miscellaneous. Click the Edit Languages button next to Languages Used by Patients.

Automated Messages can help you communicate with your patients even more efficiently and have them respond more quickly and consistently. If you have questions about these features or need help setting up or using them, get in touch with our Support Team, they’re always happy to help.

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