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Canada 101: Using Open Dental in Canada


Open Dental is CDAnet certified and ready for use in all Canadian offices. When using Open Dental in Canada, it’s important to take care of some basic setup items so your software will perform as expected.

First, make sure your computer’s Region and Language setting is set to English-Canada.

By setting your region and language setting to English-Canada, it will tell the software to:

  • Display dates as DD-MM-YYYY (like 08-11-2018 for 8 November 2018).
  • The Tooth Chart in the Chart Module will display FDI Notation (International, 11-48).
  • The Edit Procedure window will have a Canada Tab enabled for use with lab fees.
  • The Edit Claim window will have Canadian Tab enabled to allow region-specific information to be entered.
  • Fee Guide Import will be enabled.

Complete details on Setup can be found in our online manual.


Canada-Specific Features in Open Dental Include:

Fee Guides

Open Dental is able to provide some fee guides. You must be on support and have your region & language settings set properly for fee guide imports to be enabled.

A complete list of available fee guides, any relevant version requirements, and step by step instructions for download can be found on the Fee Guides page in our online manual.

Lab Fees

Lab fees are attached to procedures, which can then be attached to appointments.  Once a lab fee has been identified in the Edit Procedure window as a lab fee, it can be attached to treatment procedures. Depending on the version supported by the carrier, up to 2 lab fees can be attached to a procedure (and sent on claims).

More details and step by step instructions on using and attaching lab fees can be found on the Canada Lab Fees page in our online manual.

e-Claims (ITRANS and Claimstream)

Once you’ve set up ITRANS or Claimstream (CCDWS Certified) as your clearinghouse in Open Dental, you will be able to send electronic claims (e-claims).

There are three ways to handle your EOB responses. Each option is explained in the ITRANS page of our online user manual.

The Canadian Tab in the Edit Claim window allows information specific to Canada to be entered, including:

  • Referring Provider
  • Accident Date
  • Transaction Reference Number
  • Materials Forwarded
  • Treatment Required for Ortho (only on Ortho claims)
  • Ortho Treatment (Predetermination only)
  • Maxillary Prosthesis
  • Mandibular Prosthesis
  • Extracted Teeth
  • Missing Teeth

For complete information, step-by-step instructions, and supplemental information regarding reversals, automatic printing, electronic attachments, secondary claims, and claim responses and payments, see the Canada Claims page in our online user manual.

Need help trouble-shooting an issue? Contact us, we’re here for you!

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