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Become a Reports Expert: Setup

ReportsBetween the internal standard reports, graphical reports, and custom queries, there is a lot you can do with your data. In this post, we’ll review each type of report and some global setup options that will ensure they are customized to how YOU want to see your data.

Standard Reports

Standard Reports in Open Dental provide the typical reports used to manage a dental practice.

Before running standard reports, check the setup to select which reports you want to see, determine which reports are allowed, and choose your default settings.

Go to Setup> Reports> Standard Reports. Once the Reports window appears, click Setup. You will see a new window with four tabs.

Reports Setup

  1. Display Settings.
    Reports Setup - Display Settings
    Here you can select which reports you want to hide from the Reports section altogether, and any that you can to see in a dropdown sub-menu. Also, see our QuickTip Video on adding reports to the sub-menu.
  2. Security Permissions.
    Reports Setup - Permissions
    Here you can decide which reports can be run per User Group. Check “Allowed” for each report you will allow Users in the selected User Group to run.
  3. Report Server.
    Reports Setup - Server
    A report server is only necessary for very large offices. Most offices can ignore this tab.
  4. Misc Settings.
    Reports Setup - Settings
    Here you can determine the defaults when running standard reports. See our Manual for a detailed explanation of each option.

Graphic Reports

Graphic reports allow you to see your data at a glance over time.

In the Main Menu, go to Reports > Graphic.

Reports - Graphical

There are five reports that can be seen in this area:

  1. Production
  2. Income
  3. A/R
  4. New Patients
  5. Broken Appointments

How you view these reports depends on the setup of each tab.

Edit each report to show how you want it. When in the Graphic Reports window, click Setup. Then, right-click a report and click Edit.

Reports - Graphical

Change the reports show the graph type differently (line graph, bar graph, stacked, etc). Select how to group items, the date range you want to see, and more.

Once you’ve set up each report, you can quickly see your progress over time.

User Queries

For reports not built into the system, you can run a User Query to get the specific information you need.

Watch the QuickTip Video: Find & Run a Query in Open Dental


Reports - Query

Use our Query Examples to see the 1,200 other reports we’ve built for our users. Narrow the results by category to find the query you need.

Tech Tip: Don’t see the report you need? Request one! If we find a report that will work for you, we will send it over. And if we need to build one, we’ll quote you before we get started.

Reports - Queries

Once you find a report, copy the text, and paste it in Reports > User Query. Save your favorite reports so they are easily accessible in the future.


From the favorites list, you can also determine which reports are released to other users. Released reports show in the dropdown menu.

Reports - Released Queries

Knowing the tools available to you will help keep your office on track for success. If you run into any questions when setting up your reports, give us a call or chat with us.

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