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When Treatment Spans Multiple Visits

treatment over multiple visits

Updated 03/06/2023

Some procedures like crowns or bridges may be done over multiple visits. In cases like these where a claim won’t be created until everything is set complete, it’s helpful to use the Group for Multiple Visits tool in Open Dental.¬† Grouped procedures that are set complete first will show the Complete (In Process) status until all grouped procedures are set complete. Let’s look at how this works.


There are two ways to group procedures for multiple visits.

  1. Set this up in the Procedure Button settings, check the box to Group for Multiple Visits.
  2. In the Chart Module, select the procedures that will be done over multiple visits, and select Group for Multiple Visits.

Managing Treatment

When procedures are grouped this way, there are special indicators. When one of the procedures is set complete, its procedure status will show as C/P for Complete (In Process) as shown in the screenshot below until all other procedures in the group are set complete as well.

Version 20.4 introduced an additional feature – the ability to right-click on a procedure that’s part of procedures that are grouped. When View Multivisit Group(s) is clicked, a window will display the procedures that are grouped over multiple appointments.

As procedures are set complete, you can create claims. Claims are assigned the status of Hold for In Process. Once all procedures in the group are set complete, the claim status is automatically updated to Waiting to Send, so you can quickly find and send the claim from the Send Claims window. If sending one claim for multiple visits, the date of service on the claim will be the date of the last visit.

Watch how this works in our YouTube Video QuickTip: In Process Status for Multi-Visit Treatment

If you need help with multi-visit treatment or anything else in Open Dental, we’re here for you – please reach out to our support team.


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