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eServices: Capitalize on These Tools to Grow Your Practice!

Updated 3/14/2023

There are many high-tech tools you can use to streamline processes, boost productivity, and grow your practice. Knowing which tools will really be effective and improve patient care can be a bit more difficult.

Meet the suite of eServices by Open Dental, now available in a cost-saving Bundle. Features include mobile access to patient information and scheduling, a portal to allow patients to manage their accounts online, automation of recall reminders, appointment eReminders and eConfirmations, online scheduling tools, and much more. Fully utilize the capabilities of these tools to automate processes, boost productivity, and get you back to your top priority: providing great dental care to your patients!

eServices are available to practices on support. *FREE* services are indicated, others have affordable access/usage costs. Sign up for the eServices Bundle and get ALL eServices for one low monthly fee (plus applicable usage costs).

The Open Dental Mobile App: Manage appointments, access patient and pharmacy info, contact patients, and more from your mobile device anytime, anywhere.

Mobile Web

*FREE* Patient Portal: An online hub for patients to view and manage their account online.

Patient Portal

Web Sched Recall: Set your recall settings and automate recall reminders!

Until now, recall was a periodic manual process where a recall list was generated and reminders were sent out manually by selecting patients on the recall list. With Web Sched Recall, you now have the option to send recall reminders automatically by email or text* when patients meet the criteria for a recall reminder. Patients follow a link to schedule their appointment and it appears instantly in your Appointment schedule.

Web Sched Recall
*requires integrated texting

Web Sched New Patient: New patients schedule their first appointment online, and the appointment appears instantly in your Appointment schedule!

Web Sched New Patient

Web Sched ASAP: Fill last-minute openings by notifying patients on your ASAP list.

When there’s a last-minute opening in your schedule, right-click on the opening to email or text your patients directly from the ASAP list*. A Web Sched ASAP note will appear in that time slot indicating how many patients have been notified with each method. Patients receive a link to schedule and the first patient to accept claims the spot! Their appointment will be instantly created (or rescheduled into that time slot) in your Appointment schedule.

TECH TIP: You can mail or text* patients from the Appointment schedule or the ASAP list. If you are not signed up for Web Sched ASAP, patients who are notified will need to call you to claim the available time.

Web Sched ASAP
*requires integrated texting

Integrated Texting: 2-way texting to reach your patients quickly and effectively, and receive quick responses.

Integrated Texting

Send and receive individual or batch texts.
Integrates with the following eServices to enhance communication with your valued patients:
– eReminders
– eConfirmations
– Web Sched Recall
– Web Sched ASAP



*FREE* Web Forms: Patients fill out forms online, you import the data right into the patient’s account in Open Dental.

Create your patient paperwork as a sheet in Open Dental, then create a Web Form of that sheet. The link can be used on your website or in an email. Patients follow the link and complete the forms online. Once you retrieve and import the forms, any linked allergies, medical problems, or medications become part of the patient’s record.Web Forms

*FREE* eReminders: Automated appointment eReminders sent by email or text.

Send automated appointment eReminders to your patients by email or text (must be signed up for texting) based on intervals you specify.eReminders

*requires integrated texting

eConfirmations: Automated eConfirmations sent by email or text that allow patients to e-confirm.

Send automated appointment eConfirmations to your patients by email or text* to remind patients of their upcoming appointment. When patients e-confirm, their appointment status is automatically updated in the Appointment schedule.eConfirmations
*requires integrated texting

Maximizing the capabilities of available eServices can save time, increase productivity, and make a huge impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of patient communications. If your practice is using version 17.1 or greater, signing up for eServices can be done right now from your server. Take a look at the “How do I start using eServices?” section on our eServices page and get started today!

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