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Appointment Search: Find a Specific Opening in Your Schedule

Appointment Search

Your patients have busy lives, and sometimes getting them the care they need means you have to find a slot in your schedule that can squeeze into their hectic week. Never fear, the Appointment Search function is here!

Using the Appointment Search function, it’s easy to find a specific opening that fits your patients’ needs. Just follow these five simple steps:

  1. Select the patient
  2. In the Appointment Module, click “Make Appt”. Add procedures and click OK. The Appointment is placed on the Pinboard.
  3. Click Search to the left of the Pinboard
  4. Enter Date/Time Restrictions, and select provider if you’d like. then click Search. The first available time slots will show for each of the next 10 available days. Click More to see the next 10 results. Click on any date to jump to that day in your Appointment schedule.
  5. Once you’ve located the right slot, simply click & drag the appointment from the Pinboard onto the Schedule.

For the Appointment Search function to work, you must have Provider Schedules set up. Follow the steps on our Schedule Setup page and start using the Appointment Search feature today!

If you run into any issues along the way, feel free to reach out – we’re here!

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