Questions & Answers with an Open Dental Expert: Advanced Services Assistant Manager

Open Dental is a practice management software that’s packed full of features, and as a result, we have a team packed full of experts. Technicians come from backgrounds in dentistry, IT, customer service, and more. Some technicians know it all and do it all – others find their niche and specialize in a specific area. In this series, we’ll interview Open Dental Experts with various specialties.

This week, we are interviewing Kylie, who is the go-to expert for all things eRx, and an Assistant Manager on the Advanced Services Team. We discuss her background and current role, her favorite Open Dental feature, and some tips and tricks she shares with offices.

How long you have been with Open Dental and what’s your specialty?

I have been with Open Dental for four and a half years and I’m currently an Assistant Manager in Advanced Services.
My specialty is electronic prescriptions and I have a background in customer service. I really enjoy being able to help practices implement eRx as part of their paperless practice.

What’s your favorite Open Dental feature?

I love how Open Dental integrates with so many third-party software systems, including our eRx vendors. Integrations like these make it really seamless for practices to do more, right from within the software. It allows staff to be more efficient and take care of the things they need to do without having to log in to an external site or open another program.

You work with a lot of offices. What issues are you helping them with the most?

I’ve been helping many offices learn the ins and outs of eRx, including how to send prescriptions, add patient-reported medications, and manage favorites lists. One of the best things about eRx is that record-keeping is automated. A paper prescription has to be entered into Open Dental to save a record of it, but when you’re e-prescribing, it’s all done from the software, so the record is already there.

There are 2 options for e-prescribing in Open Dental. How can offices figure out which one is right for them?

I like to think of Legacy as being a base package, while DoseSpot has all the “bells and whistles.” The best way to determine which is right for your office is to give us a call and let us know exactly what you want to be able to do with the prescription software. For example, if you need to be able to prescribe from your phone, you would want to sign up with Open Dental Mobile and use DoseSpot. If you need your front office staff to be able to send prescriptions, Legacy is for you.

How do the eRx integrations help practices with state mandates?

Many states are starting to implement controlled substances mandates that require providers to send prescriptions electronically. Integrated eRx options in Open Dental help practices fulfill these mandates and make e-prescribing easy. A big misconception is that e-prescribing is slower than writing a paper prescription, but both of the integrated eRx options in Open Dental have a favorites list option. This allows practices to create a list of medications they prescribe most often, then simply pick from that list when they prescribe, making it really quick & easy.

What about states that have PDMP – how does that work together with eRx?

Both of our integrated eRx options feature direct integration with Appriss, so viewing PDMP information within the prescribing window saves you the step of having to navigate to their PDMP’s website, logging in, and searching for the patient.

Want more information about eRx and how it can help your practice? Our support team is always here for you – reach out anytime.

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