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Going Paperless with Open Dental Software

PaperlessIf you’re thinking about going paperless or improving how paperless your practice is, this post is for you. Open Dental offers a variety of options that will save you both time and space. Going paperless can increase your productivity, improve patient experience, and make finding information easier than ever. In this post, we’ll discuss the features in Open Dental that will help you reach your paperless goals.

Web FormseClipboardKiosk

Get ready to throw out those clipboards, once you’ve tailored sheets to your practice needs, you can upload them straight to your website or send them to a kiosk in the office and have them ready when your patient arrives.

Web Forms allow you to send New Patient packets, Registration Forms, Financial Agreements, and more to patients in a HIPAA compliant fashion. Patients can fill out the forms at home, or on-the-go using their mobile device via the new Mobile Web Forms feature. Office staff can import information from the form directly into the patient’s chart, avoiding tedious data entry. Web Forms save the office time, money, and provide a better patient experience. Best of all, it’s free for customers on support.

The eClipboard eService uses a tablet-optimized app to allow patients to easily check-in for appointments, fill out patient forms, and take patient pictures, all on your practice’s tablet.

The Kiosk is used for patients who fill out their forms while waiting in the office. It uses the same sheets as Web Forms and allows most information to be imported directly into the patient’s chart. The kiosk also allows users to sign consent forms and agreements. Utilizing the kiosk is great for patient experience, and saves the office time and headache.


Charting has never been easier now that you can chart all procedures, appointments, notes, and medical information in one convenient spot. The easy-to-navigate Chart Module allows you to move away from paper charting and stay organized while focusing on the patient.

Treatment Planning

Order and prioritize treatment from the Treatment Plan module. Treatment planning keeps offices efficient and profitable by:

  • Sending preauthorizations electronically to ensure a quick answer for estimates and benefits.
  • Using reports to follow up on patients who need treatment done.
  • Keeping the schedule full by utilizing planned appointments.

Images Module

Are you moving away from paper charts and patient forms? Use the Images Module to scan in all relevant information. This keeps all paper documents in one location for easy access, just in case!


The Wiki is a catch-all for office information. Wiki pages can be edited and organized to fit the needs of each office. Here are just a few ways the wiki can help you go paperless:

  • Post employee and office policies. This allows staff to have a go-to place for questions or help.
  • Share troubleshooting information. Did support help you fix an issue? Document it in the wiki for future reference.
  • Publish routine roles and responsibilities. Is a member of your team out today? Easily see what responsibilities need to be covered in their absence.
  • Create checklists. Can’t remember what else you needed to do today? The wiki can help you out.
  • Store important information. Keep emergency contacts, vendor information, and more in one convenient place.

The wiki places valuable information in one spot. It eliminates the need for large binders or scavenger hunts throughout the office for information.

Task Lists

Task lists allow in-office communication between staff members to set reminders, create to-do lists, and quickly share information. They replace the need for sticky notes which can easily be overlooked or lost. Each member of your team can have their own task inbox to manage and maintain. Create group task lists to share announcements with your staff.

e-Claims & e-Attachments

Mailing claims and attachments can be a slow and lengthy process. Improve productivity by sending claims electronically. Some clearinghouses offer electronic attachments for even more convenience.

See more about electronic attachments in Open Dental here. And see our list of compatible clearinghouses here.


Some third parties are also capable of sending bills out to patients so that you don’t have to. This takes the hassle out of printing statements and stuffing envelopes. You will have more time to focus on the things that matter most! These third parties will bill your patients to ensure timely payments.


When it comes to going paperless, whether your goal is to save time, space, or maybe even your sanity, Open Dental is ready to help make that happen.

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